Why Batman Needs to Get Out of Gotham

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I think it’s safe to say that Batman is the most recognizable Superheroes anywhere on earth. The Dark Knight! The boy who witnessed the death of both of his parents in a single night. Turning something that dark and negative to help the people of the crooked city, Gotham makes him something unique.

Bats, despite being wonderful, are considered ugly by us. In addition, the fact that bats spread rabies make them scary. The terror bats can cause in a dark, ugly cave? It can make people go mad with fear. That’s the bat’s goal. To strike fear into the hearts of the criminal world.


Batman is one of the revered heroes of all time. The hero with strict yet strong morals. The man among the gods like Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern. Our hero… to represent us. He won’t kill. To remind how valuable life is. Even his cape is actually cool and makes sense as it helps him glide. But that’s great for us. How about Batman? How does our hero feel? He has no family, his girlfriend’s dead, even his prodigy Robin leaves him.

Every time he gives criminals a chance by imprisoning them, they keep breaking out, making a mess of the Gotham and Batman. And he gotta wear latex, Joker tests the limits of insanity and Batman’s morals. Bane keeps beating him to the ground, Penguin keeps him on his toes and two face throws something unexpected in his way. A life that harder, that too for others? Most of us would have dropped the ball at the first trouble we see.

But that’s the difference between heroes and us. Maybe, he does have a chance at peace and happiness if he leaves Gotham. And The Dark Knight trilogy ends with the same scene. Why not? Maybe, Batman being so stubborn is the reason that the villains come back stronger. Batman’s underlying love for the people of Gotham and the city is what motivates the Joker to try and break him. Power attracts challenge. It may be a bad kind as well. The very idea of Batman, makes criminals tick like anything. Just to humiliate him, embarrass him and if possible to kill him, villains have made such destruction to the city and the citizens of Gotham numerous times.


So, yeah! I’m fairly okay with the idea of Batman leaving his kryptonite, Gotham.

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