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Just for Movie Freaks launched back in 28 November, 2012 as a Facebook page by two long-time friends, Surya and Nirmal, just to post movie quotes, news and cool pictures of Johnny Depp. Eventually, we transformed from posting pictures to Movie Reviews and moved from a Facebook page to amateur and professional websites. Now, with a fully-functioning team behind us, we are focused and determined to bring all you guys the latest and greatest in Movies, Television and also post debatable Editorials and Opinion Pieces. Our only goal is to share and spread our love for Movies and TV to the entire world and we will continue to do that as long as we can.

Our Team

Nirmal Raj – Co-Founder & Senior Writer
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This is Nirmalraj from Chennai and I founded this website with my friend in 2012. Since then, we are focused in bringing quality content, reviews which are not biased and thrive on giving the audience our honest insights about any movie or series’. Over the years I have watched countless number of movies and have written reviews for most of them, primarily focusing on Tamil movies. I am mostly into any kind of movies and have no particular favourite genre. I idolize Superstar Rajinikanth and my favourite films & series are Vaaranam Aayiram, Baashsha, Inglorious Basterds, The Dark Knight, Game of Thrones, Black Mirror and much more.

Surya Komal – Co-Founder & Editor in Chief
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Anushree Chauhan – Lead Editor
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IT professional by day, Eternal Cinephile.

Nikitha Kashyap – Associate Editor
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A mediocre engineering student by day but an obsessive movie freak by night. From horror comedies in Kollywood to the Oscar winners in Hollywood, I watch them all! Netflix is my bae but I’ve also got a thing for Tamil and Malayalam movies. If watching movies and tv series was a paid job, guess who would be the multimillionaire?

Suhel Abdulla – Associate Writer
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Another Engineer this world wanted but never needed. I was surrounded my whole life by the three most successful religions in the whole world. I was born a Muslim, grew up around Hindus and my School Teachers were Christians. I won’t assume, I won’t blame and I won’t shame. I listen, I understand and I write. I don’t have any complaints, just concerns. I’m curious enough to learn from the past, care for the present and hope for the future. I love Freedom of speech and writing keeps me free.

Siddharthen R – Junior Writer
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A fresh Journalism graduate, I am a freelance writer for Melbourne’s art circuits and independent movie critic in my free time. Movies are my passion and reviewing them has become a part of my lifestyle.

Anusha Shanbhag – Junior Writer
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Anusha Shanbhag is a freelance blogger, short-story writer, multilinguist and a public speaker as part of CGI Toastmasters Club (VP Education Head). Presently living in the metropolitan Bengaluru, India working at CGI Groups as a Software Engineer. Coming from a humble background, my experiences involve conversations with people who are facing personal or emotional challenges. I aspire to publish my book and grow my career as a content writer. For more information visit my site shanbhagrocks.co

Aditi Parikh – Special Features Writer
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Yet another artist stuck in the body of an IT professional. Books, dark humor and twisted stories. My life revolves around it. Some say I am blunt and some even agree that I am the fakest real person they have ever met. Lazy to a level that it’s hard for me to choose an appropriate emoji😬. Loving and exploring the unexplored side of Cinema. And wanting people to watch through my eyes.

Pallavi Sridhar – Streaming Content Writer
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