Throwback Thursday: Nightcrawler [Review]

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Verdict – “Hilarious and Unnerving!”

Director – Dan Gilroy
Cast – Jake Gylenhall and Rene Russo

I love when movies have a violent-gritty vibe blended with dark humor that only a particular set of the audience can connect to. It’s pretty weird!

The fact that the screenplay of the movie was well paced, I better describe this whole experience as an enigma, it entices you deliberately, takes you to these dark places where criminality is sky scrapping and humanity is fading among normal people. One of the major positives about the movie was it’s writing, the dialogues were well written, and the comedic aspects were a few things I enjoyed the most.

Fun Fact: “Jake Gyllenhaal’s character blinks very rarely. Gyllenhaal has used this method in his work before with his role as title character Donnie Darko (2001) as well as Prisoners.” Source: IMDb

Dan Gilroy, in his directorial debut, was remarkable at his job, the car chase sequences were shot with perfection and with an eight million dollar budget, this film looked incredible on-screen. Jake Gylenhall was immersed in his character, he lost weight, he looked like an uncanny person to hang out with, and was by far my favorite performance of Gylenhall. Rene Russo was alluring in the movie with an evil diligent character, and I genuinely liked watching her in the movie.

Flawless in every single frame, Nightcrawler was dark, hilarious and unnerving, one of the best movies back in 2014.

Rating – 4.5/5 | Grade – A+

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