Bell Bottom Movie: A Thrilling Mind-Boggler!

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“A Pearl on the Crown!”

Kannada movies are on a blast since the last two years and it shows. Bell Bottom is another pearl on the crown with the very popular Rishab Shetty, Haripriya and Achhutha in lead roles.

From the script to the background scores and screenplay, the movie clearly aims to be flawless. A comedy-thriller is usually a rather tough combination but Jayathirtha (Director and Writer) and Rishab (main lead) make the movie all the more interesting and convincing. The humor is decent yet cunning with a few inside jokes, the plot keeps you guessing and analyzing, the music gives every scene more intensity and value while the cinematography (reminding us of the glorious 80s) is just as extraordinary as the performances.

“The One Movie You Don’t Wanna Miss!”

Concluding, I would say this is one movie you don’t wanna miss this month. It is certain to say that Rishab Shetty is here to stay and considering his performance in Bell Bottom, I’d say he just might be the next big thing in Sandalwood.

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