Paddleton Movie Review: Heart-Wrenching!

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Every so often you’ll find a real gem on Netflix which is simple, poignant and empathetic. Paddleton starring Ray Ramano and Mark Duplass in the lead roles is one such movie which slowly but surely moves you with its heartwarming approach and relatability factor. The storyline of the film canvases the bromance between Michael and Andy, who live in the same apartment complex and spend their free time watching Asian Kung-Fu movies and eating pizza. Soon enough, reality sets in when Mike finds out about his life-threatening Terminal Cancer issues and decides to spend his last days with his dear friend.


Beyond everything, the overwhelming positive of the film is its simplicity. It takes place in a ho-hum setting where streets and neighbourhoods are not-so-fancy and unadorned which sets the vibe flawlessly for the film. Despite being on the no-frills side of things, you can’t help but adore the chemistry between Duplass and Ramano who act weird and lovingly childish for their age group. The silly dialogue between the two and their comedic timing was on-point, and their characters were the focus and the heart and soul of the entire film. Writers Alex Lehmann and Mark Duplass didn’t fancy to explain or brood over any other subplots other than the primary narrative which made the movie more relatable and utterly impactful to the viewer.


Overall, Paddleton has the heart and emotion at the right place, all credits to the writers and the brotherly duo, Ramano and Duplass, who gave their career-best performances. This film is engaging and heart-wrenching, and the climax will make you cry like a baby. Watch it cause Netflix very rarely distributes/produces these one-of-a-kind dramas.

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