Movie Theater Etiquette: 7 Important Rules Every Moviegoer Should Follow

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Personally, movies have been and will remain to be as an important part of my life on grounds of many special reasons. They’re always my remedy to sadness, a prescription to joy and the Redbull for my adrenaline to kick in. So, it’s clear that I take movies very seriously and consider the movie theatre as a holy place that I most probably visit almost every week.

But, idiocy and senseless behavior is a rampant issue among the movie going public. People go to the movies for different reasons; to hang out with their friends or family, to pass time or sleep in an air-conditioned auditorium, maybe even to forget their everyday hassles and end up in a good mood or perhaps just to enjoy the movie that they’ve been anticipating for. But, people sometimes tend to forget the fact that they’re sitting alongside other strangers in the theatre and behave like crackpots. So, I thought of listing out at least a few points that you should actually try and follow every time you visit an auditorium and be a Good Samaritan.

Before the Movie

1. Arrive on Time

Arriving on time is always important; be there five or ten minutes early or if you’re one of those hyper-punctual individuals, arrive right when the movie starts. Now, it’s unfair to expect everyone to show up without delay. Traffic, family, girlfriend, concessions, parking, everything factors in when you visit the movie theatre. So, at least a five-minute buffer is acceptable. But, if you’re ten, fifteen or twenty minutes late, then it’s a problem.

Annoying People at the Movie Theater

2. Do Not Flash Your Cell Phone Lights

So, if you’re five minutes late and the movie has already started, people don’t expect you to react like Sandra Bullock in Bird Box and trip over somebody else’s beverage. For that reason, take out your phone and turn on the flashlight and point it just on the floor or on the seat numbers. Do not behave a numbskull and flash it on people’s faces or basically anything above the height of your waistline.

During the Movie

3. You Paid to Watch a Movie, Not the IG Models on Your Phone

The most fundamental and salient principle that you should always obey and remember is placing your phone in silent mode. Yes! Even the theatre chains care to roll a card or a promo before the movie starts to switch on the silent mode. Because it’s that annoying to hear a phone ring while watching a film. Also, pay attention to the film, or, if you don’t seem to enjoy it, close your eyes and sleep without snoring or disturbing others sitting next to you. But, please do not text, talk, browse or cruise through your Instagram feed and spoil the experience for your fellow patrons. It is downright unacceptable.

Texting While Watching a Movie

4. Kindness Works (Sometimes)

Now, while watching the movie, if you’re utterly concerned by a mobile phone user who is scrolling through his Facebook feed, let them know! Yes! Approach them in a well-mannered way and request them to stop, because sometimes it does work. Most of the time though, imbeciles tend to ignore, and at the time, the only other way is to call the theatre management and get them kicked out!

5. Screaming Out Loud!

I understand that you can’t contain your excitement while watching Rajnikanth’s movie on the first day. You have to scream ‘Thailavaaa’ when he makes his way with his Superstar Swag. But, do it in a courteous way, make sure you respect the privacy of others, know your limits and be a gentleman who enjoys movies.

 6. The Art of Eating Concessions

Everyone loves to eat, crunch popcorn and sip Diet Coke while watching the movie. But, learn the art of eating while you’re around strangers. Do not make loud chewing or slurping noises, make sure you use your designated cup holder and above all do not spill anything on your neighbor’s lap.

Talking While Watching a Movie

7. Do Not Spoil the Damn Scene!

Finally, it sure is okay when you watch the movie for the second time. But, make it certain that you don’t spoil the film for others who are watching it for the first time. Do not mumble the dialogues, do not give your expert opinions right then and there and do not scream suggestions to the characters in the movie, cause you know, they can’t really hear you! Even when Deadpool breaks the fourth wall. Sit in your goddamn seat and watch the movie like everybody else.

That’s it! That’s all it takes to be a polite, cultured and a responsible moviegoer. It’s not that complicated to follow these ground rules every time you step into an auditorium filled with strangers. Be good and Enjoy Movies!

Also, what did I miss? Is there any ground rule that you think I should’ve included in this article? Let me know in the comment box down below. Thank you!

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Edited by Nikitha Kashyap

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