Isn’t it Romantic Review: Warm and Fuzzy!

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Almost everyone remembers the iconic pair, Bumper and Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect and the first thing I have to admit is that their chemistry is the cutest thing you’ll see in the new satirical romantic comedy film directed by Todd Strauss Schulson – Isn’t it Romantic. This is one of those films which you have to watch with a light heart and a clear head. It’s definitely not for those who seek brilliant cinematography or intricate plotlines. It’s a movie you watch on a holiday having a tub of ice cream, chilling in your sweats.

Rebel Wilson, who plays the character of Natalie has an accident and ends up in a rom-com that she grew up hating. The rest of the story revolves around how she deals with the stereotypical situations from the love stories of the 90s.


Being a very admirable actress, Rebel Wilson effectively keeps the attention on herself and the objective throughout the movie. Liam Hemsworth, Priyanka Chopra and Adam DeVine are admirable too. The characters, costumes and the background gives the perfect vibe of a cliche love story and the songs are quite cheerful. It might come off as another movie making fun of the cliche romantic movies but with Rebel Wilson, there is a bit more emphasis on self-love and the contrary realities. It is mild and comforting in ways but if you are expecting something like The Notebook or A Walk To Remember then you will not be impressed.


So, reminding you again that if you are not in a chirpy mood, you probably shouldn’t watch it. But if you do, I bet it will make you feel warm and fuzzy like every other rom-com in the end.

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