Best Bollywood Movies on YouTube You Shouldn’t Miss!

Most of the Best Bollywood Movies on YouTube include a bunch of films that might not be commercially successful, yet, they still managed to win over our hearts for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes, big studio commercial films are mundane to watch as it’s welcoming to watch simple movies made by underrated directors and normal-looking actors. So, here are the Best Bollywood Movies on YouTube you can right now for free and legally.

Last Updated on August 08, 2023

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16. Bhool Bhulaiya

Bhool Bhualiya Best Bollywood Horror Comedy Movies on OTT

Starring – Akshay Kumar & Vidya Balan
Director – Priyadarshan
Genre – Horror

Preview Only: An NRI and his wife decide to stay in his ancestral home, paying no heed to the warnings about ghosts. Soon, inexplicable occurrences cause him to call a psychiatrist to help solve the mystery. One of the Best Bollywood Movies on YouTube.

15. Khoobusrat

Starring – Sonam Kapoor & Fawad Khan
Director – Shashanka Ghosh
Genre – Rom-Com

Preview Only: Milli, a quirky physiotherapist, works for a royal family, but their cold demeanour troubles her. Soon, she discovers more about them and falls for the young prince who is engaged to someone else. The film stars Sonam Kapoor Ahuja and Fawad Khan in the lead roles.

14. Jab We Met

Starring – Shahid Kapoor & Kareena Kapoor
Director – Imtiaz Ali
Genre – Rom-Com

Preview Only: Aditya, a heartbroken business tycoon, aimlessly boards a train to escape his depressing life. He meets Geet, a bubbly Punjabi girl, and gets pulled into her crazy life.

13. Bhagam Bhag

Akshay Kumar and Govinda in Bhagam Bhag

Starring – Akshay Kumar, Govinda, Paresh Rawal
Director – Priyadarshan
Genre – Comedy

Priyadarshan was very famous for his comedy films back then. One of his gems included Bhagam Bhag. The best part about this film was that there was a brilliant story, there was drama, comedy, and full-on entertainment.

12. Gangs of Wasseypur

Starring – Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Huma Quereshi
Director – Anurag Kashyap
Genre – Crime

One of the most celebrated franchise of Bollywood, Gangs of Wasseypur Part 1 and 2 placed Anurag Kashyap on the map as he went on to become of the most illustrious directors working in Bollywood. Gangs of Wasseypur is popular for quite a few reasons from the storyline, screenplay, dialogues and the brilliant performances from the entire cast. A masterpiece that is not to be missed. – Surya Komal

11. Garam Masala

Starring – Akshay Kumar & John Abraham
Director – Priyadarshan
Genre – Thriller

[Also feat. in our ‘Best Hindi Comedy Movies on YouTube’ list]

Being wrong in every manner and equally funny Garam Masala is a film about how a man has four girlfriends without getting caught with the help of his housemaid and a friend. The friend played by John Abraham also tries to steal one of his girlfriends. Garam Masala is one of the firsts by Akshay-John duo. One of the Best Bollywood Movies on YouTube. – Aditi Parikh

10. Dhadkan

Starring – Akshay Kumar & Suneil Shetty
Director – Dharmesh Darshan

Genre – Drama

Preview Only: Anjali and Dev are in love with each other and plan to marry, but her family gets her married to Ram. Years later, Dev shows up to reunite with Anjali, however, she has fallen in love with Ram. Directed by Dharmesh Darshan, the film stars Akshay Kumar and Suneil Shetty in the lead roles.

9. Golmaal

Golmaal Fun Unlimited movie

Starring – Ajay Devgn, Arshad Warsi
Director – Rohit Shetty
Genre – Comedy

[Also feat. in our ‘Best Hindi Comedy Movies on YouTube’ list]

Next on the Best Bollywood Movies on YouTube on Amazon Prime is Golmaal. If you’re a real humor enthusiast, just looking at the poster of this movie will make you laugh. The debut movie of Rohit Shetty, the story revolves around four guys who struggle their way out of their lives. They manage to sneak inside an old and blind couple’s house as their grandson. Back in the day, the idea is so fresh and funny itself. Without a doubt, I can guarantee that you will laugh every single time while watching this film.

8. Shaurya

Starring – Kay Kay Menon, Rahul Bose
Director – Samar Khan
Genre – Thriller

Shaurya is an official adaptation of the 1992 Hollywood drama ‘A Few Good Men’ and it revolves around an Army officer who is accused of killing his senior correspondent. Directed by Samar Khan, the narrative of this 149-minute thriller takes us through a string of ‘whodunnit’ episodes throughout the runtime, accompanied by some stellar performances by Kay Kay Menon and Rahul Bose. As I’m sure Shaurya went unnoticed during the time of its release, here is a recommendation that you should consider watching this weekend.

7. Raajneeti

Starring – Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif
Director – Prakash Jha
Genre – Political

Raajneeti, directed by Prakash Jha, is a gripping political drama that keeps you on the edge of your seat. With a star-studded cast led by Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, it delves into the murky world of politics, power, and betrayal. Prakash Jha’s direction and the intense plot make it a compelling and thought-provoking cinematic experience.

6. Sarkar (2005)

amitabh bachchan in sarkar movie

Starring – Amitabh & Abhishek Bachchan
Director – Ram Gopal Varma
Genre – Political / Crime

Preview Only: Sarkar, a persuasive man, is falsely accused of the murder of an upstanding lawmaker. At the point when he is detained, his child Shankar ventures into his perspective as a pioneer to secure his dad and their inheritance. One of the Best Bollywood Movies on YouTube.

5. Hera Pheri

Starring – Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty
Director – Priyadarshan

Genre – Comedy

Hera Pheri is one of those classics that bring a twinkle to everyone’s eyes. We all know how amazing it is. Starting with Paresh Rawal, who deserved more accolades for his solid performance because his acting and comic timing were phenomenal. His stint and caper were applauded by all. Priyadarshan, the director, managed to squeeze the best performances from all of the actors. Even if you have watched Hera Pheri previously, it will create the same magic every time and has a good re-watchability factor.

4. Shanghai (2012)

Starring – Emraan Hashmi, Abhay Deol
Director – Dibakar Banerjee
Genre – Political / Thriller

Preview Only: A group of individuals set out on a journey to unwind the secret behind a social activist’s demise. With the government attesting it as a mishap, they battle hard to disclose truth.

3. Sholay (1975)

Starring – Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra
Director – Ramesh Sippy
Genre – Action

Sholay (1975) is an epic Indian classic that has stood the test of time. With its captivating storyline, iconic characters, and unforgettable dialogues, it redefined Bollywood action cinema. Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra’s stellar performances, coupled with R.D. Burman’s timeless music, make it an absolute must-watch for cinephiles.

2. Ankur Arora Murder Case

Starring – Arjun Mathur, Kay Kay Menon
Director – Suhail Tatari
Genre – Thriller

Produced by Vikram Bhatt and directed by Suhail Tatari, Ankur Arora Murder Case is a medical thriller and narrates the story of an eight-year kid losing his life due to some nonsensical negligence of a lady doctor. It is certainly a well-made movie that was precisely directed and accurately researched. The exceptional performances by Kay Kay Menon and Arjun Mathur are also an added incentive as this is, without a doubt, one of the Best Bollywood Movies on YouTube.

1. Satya (1998)

Starring – JD Chakravarthy, Urmila
Director – Ram Gopal Varma
Genre – Crime

Preview Only: Durga’s sibling is executed in a group war, transforming him into a vengeance looking for a man with a mission. Now, his ex-girlfriend’s cop husband is out to get him. At long last, the two collaborate to catch the genuine offender. One of the Best Bollywood Movies on YouTube.

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