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Netflix strikes again. As their subscriber count continues to thin, it becomes more and more apparent as to why. Me Time is an obvious contender as one of the most manufactured and lazy films of the year. There was a point in history where Kevin Hart climbed up the ladder of fame with his movie-star career. However, I can’t say his movies where he assumed the role of the lead were any good.

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They follow a typical formula: a buddy comedy with Kevin Hart and another big name actor (Ice Cube, The Rock, Will Ferrell, etc.) with the most predictable story structure and an injection of misplaced jokes from Kevin Hart’s discarded stand-up material. It’s a clear and recurring pattern seen through almost every movie he is involved in. I say this, because Me Time is that same exact movie. Change up the premise and supporting cast, and you have a film that serves the exact same purpose as his other movies.

With Me Time, it is yet another story of the protagonist coming out of their shell from an unsatisfying life. Hart plays the exact same character he has always played. His chemistry with Mark Wahlberg is not remotely present at any point, which should be the most essential piece to any buddy comedy. Both actors phone it in with bad performances supported by bad dialogue. Stylistically, what would you expect other than the cheapest attempt at filmmaking? However, there is some utilization of CGI that stands out as distinctly terrible.

I don’t even understand why this is called Me Time when it’s Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg (and a bunch of miscellaneous partygoers) doing a bunch of wacky shit TOGETHER. That defeats the purpose of the title that was selected. The fact they couldn’t even put that much thought into their own title, let alone the script, says exactly what you need to know about the failure this movie is.

‘Me Time’ Rating – 1/5

Review by Zach Kraus (@pretentiousfilmcritic)

Meet Cute, a Peacock Original, is a 2022 rom-com film starring Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson in the primary roles, and is directed by Alex Lehmann. The storyline of this ninety-minute movie revolves around a Manhattan-native Sheila, played by Cuoco, who discovers a time machine in a nail salon and uses it to fix elements of a date she had the previous night.

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I didn’t know what to expect going into the film. Initially I thought it was like the Before Sunrise movies. There are many reasons why this movie fails as a time travel story, but the biggest one is that neither the movie’s title moment nor its next date do anything to get us interested. Overall, it doesn’t have a lot of character and doesn’t show the magic that its most intense character gets hooked on. Their date doesn’t have the spark of passion that makes us wish we were there.

Most of the production’s spark comes from Kaley Cuoco. She does such an amazing job portraying a character that is supposed to be overwhelming. On the other hand, nothing in the story even remotely explains why she would choose to go on a date with this guy, his character has no depth and he’s just very bland. Aside from Kaley’s acting, I didn’t like much about the movie especially the ending. I know what depression is and how hard it is to come back from wanting to end your life, but pinning everything on one person never ends well and that’s a horrible lesson to teach people. Its irresponsible, and not sustainable.

‘Meet Cute’ Rating – 2.5/5

Review by Zoha Junaid (@zohasreviews)

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