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Maari 2 - Honest Movie Review

Having witnessed how the sequel to films like 'Saamy' and 'Endhiran' turned out this year, I was extremely skeptical about how Maari 2 was going to do. But I’m glad it turned out better than its predecessor. Maari 2 is a good entertainer to close out the year. With interesting new characters and a different side to the “Maari” persona added to the mix, this film is fun and entertaining.

Verdict - "A Joyride!"

I really liked how the script allowed every actor the opportunity to shine. Special shout out goes to Tovino Thomas, the antagonist of the film, who is miles better than the baddie from the prequel. With his Jamaican hairstyle, tattoos and “Thanatos” moniker, Thomas actually felt like a worthy adversary to Dhanush’s Maari. Sai Pallavi is a good actress and she gives a committed performance as Anandhi. You just can’t help but smile at her attempts to covet the protagonist and her comedy timing alongside Robo Shankar and Vinoth is commendable. There were also certain scenes where Maari is shown to be absolutely respectful of women and certain dialogues that were written for these scenes were spot on and relevant.

However, when Maari (the predecessor) came out in 2015, Dhanush’s role felt fresh. His character was that of an anti-hero that had more than a few shades of grey. It was refreshing to watch him strut his stuff without needing to cater to the typical Tamil hero mould. But I Guess when you talk about character development, there has to be new elements added to his disposition to keep the story interesting. So to watch a mild Maari, because of certain circumstances, feels rather old and reminiscent of other movies, in an ironic sort of way. This made the plot more predictable than it should be. Also, I personally did not feel that Dhanush and Sai Pallavi was a great match. While they are individually good actors, their chemistry felt less than 100%.

A masala entertainer usually does not have much to offer plot-wise. It’s the new dimensions added to them that makes or breaks a film. Maari 2 makes it and throws in the extra fittings. (Please feel free to disagree with me)

Rating - 3.25/5 | Grade - B

An Honest Movie Review by Siddharthen R
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