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Gulaebaghavali - Honest Movie Review

Verdict: “Fizzles Away Without Entertaining!

After tasting success with Devi, Prabhu Deva’s anticipated movie Gulaebaghavali released during the Pongal festival weekend clashing with two big releases, Thaanaa Serndha Koottam (Gang) and Sketch.

Badhri (Prabhu Deva) makes a living by robbing idols for his boss Nambi (Mansoor Ali Khan). He, along with Viji (Hansika Motwani); who cheats people for their valuables outside a bar, Masha (Revathi); a car stealer and Munish (Ramdoss); henchman of a business person (Anandraj), go in search of a treasure hidden behind a temple in the village Gulaebaghavali. How they acquire the treasure forms the rest of the plot.

Director Kalyaan had the opportunity to make the film in two different ways. Either it could have been neither an adventure film nor a comedy film. Yet what we got is a result of poor writing which led to a messed up movie. 

Prabhu Deva did his best and it’s always amusing to see him act as he is naturally witty with his actions and body language. With an ensemble list of casts, the director could have used Rajendran, Ramdoss, and others in a proper way to make the movie humorous. Failing to do so resulted in blunt funny scenes. 

Songs by the duo Vivek-Mervin were mediocre, yet the BGM made a mark in giving the movie an upper hand. Technically, the cinematography was neat in capturing and editing was crisp and fine.

Overall, the deficit of a fulfilling story and the lack of entertainment factor make Gulaebaghavali a unenjoyable one.

My Rating - 2/5 | Grade – C (Meh! Probably a Rental)
An Honest Movie Review by Nirmalraj aka AK (@NirmalRaj2911) | Website's Twitter Handle - @JustMovieFreaks

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Aranmanai 2 / Kalavathi - Movie Review

Verdict: “A routine revenge story; lacked in expected chills”

Following the success of “Aranmanai”, Sundar. C directed the sequel similar to its prequel with the only difference in the cast and the title. The film has Siddharth, Trisha, Hansika as the main leads and Poonam Bajwa, Soori, Kovai Sarala, Radha Ravi, Subbu Panchu, Sundar. C as the supporting cast. 

Murali (Siddharth) makes a come back to his village along with his fiancée Anitha (Trisha) to take care of his unwell father (Radha Ravi), who is hospitalized after a ghost attack. The ancestral mansion they live in is a haunting ground and the evil spirit wants everyone in the mansion dead. Soon, Murali and Anitha witness mysterious things happening around them and realize that they are in a serious trouble. At this juncture, Anitha’s brother Ravi (Sundar. C) enters the story and find who the evil spirit is and aid them in saving their lives. 

Sundar. C follows the same template of making comedy-thriller genre movies. A routine story, slapstick humor and few spooky scenes that aren’t even scary, this is what Aranmanai 2 offers. The major drawback is, all the cast and their characterisation look similar to its predecessor though there are few minor changes in their character sketches. 

The most intriguing aspect of this film is, it had three lead actresses. Trisha, the glam girl, make us go gaga over her with her perfectly toned body. She was smoking hot in this movie. While Trisha overtakes Hansika in the glamor aspect, the later overtakes Trisha in terms of acting. Hansika had given a worthwhile performance. Poonam Bajwa impresses us with her looks. 

Siddharth did not have much scope, as the women overshadowed him. Another savior to this routine story flick is Kovai Sarala, Mano Bala, and Soori. Their comical parts give relief especially in the second half of the film. Sundar. C and the other supporting cast did an average job. 

Hip Hop Tamizha’s songs are already chartbusters and were perfectly placed in the film. Though they elevated the scenes with the pulsating background score, it didn’t evoke fear in me and was too loud in certain scenes. The Amman Song in the climax deserves a mention. Hip Hop Tamizha’s music and the picturization by Senthil Kumar was top-notch.

The art department and the cinematographer deserve an appreciation for making the film look majestic with a grand set and vibrant visuals. But the outdated and tired looking VFX made the film technically poor. 

On the whole, Aranmanai 2 entertains with its comical part and the fast-paced second half. If the director would've worked more on the script without making it look more like its prequel by adding some spine chilling scenes, the movie would've been lot better.

My Rating - 2.5/5
Grade - C+ (It deserves your attention for a while!)
-By Nirmalraj aka AK  (@Nirmalraj2911)

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Maan Karate - Movie Review

Verdict - “An entertainer with baseless plot.”

Maan Karate, a romcom directed by debutant Thirukumaran released yesterday amid much fanfare. It has Sivakarthikeyan and Hansika in the lead. "Marina" Satish, Vamsi Krishna and Writer Shaji played few vital roles in the movie. Anirudh Ravichander scored the music for the film, while Sukumar and Aswin took care of the cinematography and editing respectively.

The film opens up with a group consisting of five IT professionals going in search of a saint inside a forest. They find him and test him for his powers and ask for newspaper of a government holiday. The saint uses his power and gives them the newspaper.

They think it’s a fake newspaper and ignores it but later they find that everything was happening according to the newspaper. They plan to make use of these happenings in the newspaper to earn money. Whom they use to earn the money? and what happens next forms the plot.

The story written by A.R.Murugadoss was dreary and predictable at times. The first half of the movie was entertaining which keeps us engaged. But second half was a huge letdown. The scenes involving the boxing matches were exasperating at times.

Simply by insulting the hero, he gets the muscle to thrash a skilled boxer, it's inane to watch these scenes. Thirukumaran should have worked more on the screenplay especially the second half to ensure it was gripping and pleasing.

Sivakarthikeyan with his urban stylish look, makes us laugh our socks off. His comical timing and one liners keeps us really engaged. He had gained a cult fan following in a very short period. He was welcomed with big whistles and claps and he also kept improvising his acting skills in each movie and his chemistry with Hansika was adorable.

Hansika the bubbly girl impresses us with her cute expressions. She played her part really well as Siva's love interest. "Marina" Satish was hilarious as usual.

Anirudh's background score was top notch as few songs were already chartbusters. "Royapuram Peter" featuring "Paravai" Muniyamma was received well by the audience with whistles and howls. Anirudh and A.R.Murugadoss had a cameo in the song "Open the Tasmac" which was surprising. Cinematography and editing were decent.

Director Thirukumaran had tried to give us an entertaining flick and achieved it in the first half but the second half was pretty much disappointing and predictable. Watch "Maan Karate" only for time pass and Sivakarthikeyan's rib-tickling comedy.

My Rating- 3/5
Grade- B (Worth a Watch!)
-By Nirmalraj aka AK (@NirmalRaj2911)

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