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Lingaa - Movie Review

Verdict - "Astonishing performance from Rajnikanth; let down by poor screenplay".

Lingaa, the most awaited movie of this year, starring “Super Star” Rajnikanth released today amidst mammoth expectation. It’s a double celebration for all the Rajnikanth fans worldwide as it’s the Super Star’s birthday today and we all get to watch Thalaivar on a live action film after four years.

Theatres were all decorated with banners, walls will posters and paintings. Fans thronged the theatres and performed Paal abhisekham to their matinee idol, all these celebrations began by late night 1am. Could you even believe this? Yes! That’s the craziness of fans for Thalaivar. It’s not craziness; it’s their love and affection towards him.

Lingaa has Rajnikanth in the lead and Anushka Shetty, Sonakshi Sinha as the lead ladies. It also has Santhanam, Karunakaran, K. Vishwanath and many others doing the supporting role.
Rajni plays dual role in the film, as an Engineer Raja Lingeshwaran who wants to build a dam for the people of his region. But his idea is opposed by the Britishers citing various political reasons. Hence he takes up the whole responsibility and inspires the people of the village to build the dam. He also spends his own wealth for the dam. In spite of facing many hurdles from people with evil intentions, the dam is built successfully.

Now in the present day, a corrupt MP puts the entire village in danger. An old village head man played by K. Vishwanath comes to know about this evil plan and wants grand-son of Raja Lingeshwaran to open a Shivan temple near the dam which was also build by Raja Lingeshwaran himself to solve the problems of the people. Why was the temple closed? What are the dangers befallen on the villages forms the rest of the plot.

K.S.Ravikumar had come up with a good story, but he has failed to work on the screenplay. With a mighty length of 2 hours and 55 minutes, Lingaa has got nothing new to offer. Climax fight sequence was made in a stupid way. The momentum which the movie carried was just destroyed by the climax fight scene and I was like dafuq just happened??

No one is a match for the energy level of Rajni. His charisma and evergreen screen presence makes the film enjoyable, as he carried the entire film on his shoulders. Fiery dialogue delivery, ever stylish walk makes us still go mad. Though Anushka and Sonakshi have a little time on screen, they did their part in an appreciable way. As usually Santhanam made us laugh our socks off with his one liner and his comic interlude with Rajni have worked out well. Supporting actors were just average doing their respective parts well on their own ways.

I was pretty impressed with DOP Rathnavelu’s camera work. It was a feast to eyes to see the scenic beauty of landscapes and majestic palaces through his lens. His joint work with DI Colourist to bring out the difference between two time periods must be appreciated. Sabu Cyril, as a production designer has done a brilliant job in visually presenting the attractive sets, especially the pre-independence era.

Samjith Mohd should have taken utmost care in editing the movie. He must have interacted well with the director to trim the movie and make it racier. Mighty length of the movie is a downer.

A.R.Rahman’s songs and background score was mediocre. Mona Gasolina and Indiane Vaa were good. Misplacement of the songs in the movie made it not so enjoyable.

To sum it up, Lingaa fails to impress and meet the sky-high expectation it had. Except for Rajnikanth there is nothing to enjoy in this film, usual story with faint narration. Can give it a try for Thalaivar and his grand screen presence.

My Rating - 3/5
Grade - B (Worth a Watch!)
-By Nirmalraj aka AK (@Nirmalraj2911)

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