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Bairavaa – Movie Review

Verdict - “Commercial Lackluster”

It’s not new to see Vijay in such commercial films with nothing new to offer and Bairavaa is one of them. Being the first big release of 2017, expectations were quite high for it. But the film failed to impress even few Vijay fans upon release.

Bairavaa (Vijay) works in a bank and is responsible for collecting interest and loan amount from those who are unable or unwilling to pay the amount. Soon he gets involved in the life of Malarvizhi (Keerthy Suresh), whose life is distressed by PK (Jagapathi Babu), a wicked Educationalist. 

The rest of the plot deals show how Bairavaa single-handedly defeats the hefty villains and save Malarvizhi and her friends from PK’s educational institution. 

Coming up with a film after quite a long gap, Bharathan could have worked more on the screenplay. Though his intention to come up with a social message is appreciable, but the way he presented it failed to create an impact.  

Vijay, being the darling of Mass does his part well. But repeatedly seeing him in this kind of commercial films offering only punch dialogues, unwanted or over crafted fight sequences makes the general audience and neutral fans tiresome. 

Regardless of his attempt to sport a new look, it was completely awful to watch him sporting that hilarious wig and makeup.

Keerthy Suresh and all other supporting characters have meaty roles to do and nothing to create an impression.

Santhosh Narayanan was another one to miss the mark. Everyone expected some scintillating background score and good-to-listen songs which turned out to be bad. 

To conclude, Bairavaa is yet another commercial pot-boiler which Vijay acts in every now and then. I didn’t even find one good substance in the film to praise off. Watch it if you really want to.

My Rating: 2/5
Grade - C (Meh! Probably a rental)
-By Nirmalraj aka AK  (@Nirmalraj2911)

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