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Raja Natwarlal - Movie Review

Verdict - "A thought-provoking heist-thiller, that will leave you ambiguous"

From an actor who tries to do a distinct movie everytime, Raja Natwarlal is everything I expected it to be. Unusual, diverting and stimulating. Is this his best movie ever? No! Atleast it's better than his last two debacles.

Let's simplify the basic plot of the movie. A sympathetic yet enthusiastic fraudster takes retribution on a brainy sadistic millionaire for obvious reasons in an ingenious way which surrounds around the most popular sport in India. In a generic way, it's a conflict between a good and a bad guy. Who wins? Well! *shrugs*.

Now! What really is intriguing about the movie? Not the kissing scenes for sure. Well with all honesty, right into the first twenty minutes of the movie, I was doing the same old horizontal head shake I usually do for almost sixty percent of the movies these days. I don't want it to be generic and conventional. But a turn-around is always expected, it is at that point, when Paresh Rawal entered into the movie, it started enthralling me.

I always admire movies that have a captivating storyline and I appreciate the work of writer-director Kunal Deshmukh here, the movie has every possibility to clear out in a customary way, but he departed with a different direction, the whole subtle construction of the movie was truly intellectual, he kept initiating ideas in my mind, created few clues and finally clinched everything perfectly. And I suddenly started thinking what really happened in the narrative even after the movie. And that is my biggest compliment for this movie, it let me contemplate what the actual plot is.

Negativity! There's always a part in the movie that is cliched. For example, an obvious ending, an unstable start and for the most part you'l start linking the movie to some Hollywood heist-thriller. Oceans Eleven? But in my context, the destructive element of the movie didn't really agitate me to any extent .

Performances were satisfactory by the whole cast in the movie. The characters are a bit atypical, something we usually expect from a heist movie. Good to see Paresh Rawal come back and get an imperative screen-time, same goes to Kay Kay Menon. Humainma Mallick, not so appealing with her looks and that's usually expected from a Kunal Deshmukh movie, a partly attractive woman who is not misused.

Playing a vital role in the movie, the songs were not obligatory for few instances, but it's a Emraan Hashmi movie it's a foremost component we should get along with. Also props to the dialogue writer Sanjay Masoom for few notable lines.

To wrap up, Raja Natwarlal has a thought-provoking storyline that may/may not utterly entertain you. It's a type of movie which bugs for few minutes after it's ending, but when you finally comprehend what the actual movie is all about, you can create an impression that can be either good or bad. Candidly, I liked the movie for the most part, but will I recommend it for everybody? Probably! But I'l be particular about it.

My Rating - 3.25/5
Grade - B (Entertaining! With noticeable flaws)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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