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Hate Story 3 - Movie Review

Verdict - "Looks can be deceiving, don't fall for the bait people!"

We can discern that it's a bad movie when studios try to use erotic scenes in the previews and the trailers as a bait to lure the audience into a movie theatre. Well, I don't blame them, because that's how business works, at least they didn't cheat by showing something that is not even in the movie. It all bottoms down to your decision whether you want to watch this movie or not and I'll give you few reasons why you shouldn't.

Aditya and Siya Diwan (Sharman Joshi & Zarine Khan) are an affluent and a happily married couple and after facing few obstructions in the past, they decide to expand their business to the next level and live a peaceful life. In comes Saurav Singhania (Karan Singh Grover), also a wealthy business person, who elects to offer Aditya financial support for his business in exchange of spending one night with his wife Siya. 

Is there a reason behind this? or is Saurav just an egotistic jerk? Find out in Vishal Pandya's abomination to humanity "Hate Story 3".

Now, if someone summarized this film's storyline for you, it might be quite diverting, cause it's a silly concept. But if you try to prolong and twist an asinine product it'll turn into an atrocity identical to Hate Story 3. Comparable to Abbas-Mustan's "Race", Vikram Bhatt tried to include too many twists and turns into the storyline till a point it started to become absurd and predictable. The only difference between the two movies is, Race is a well-directed movie, HS 3 isn't.

And, when it comes to the erotic scenes in the film, the studio had a plentiful to display. But, is there a reason for T-Series to include an abundant amount of seductive scenes? Sure, it's a clever business tactic. But, if you watch these scenes along with the movie, they don't make any clear sense, because the story is not yet developed and doesn't need a sensual scene for that moment. Now you know why they only looked beautiful in the previews. 

On the brighter side, the film's music was quite tuneful excluding few songs and the cinematographer had done a decent job in capturing few great shots in the movie. 

Performances were not amazing from the entire cast, Zarine Khan, and Daisy Shah tried hard, Sharman Joshi felt miscast for the role and KSG was decent with his anti-hero character.

Nevertheless, it's of course true that we shouldn't judge the book by its cover, Hate Story 3 had nothing new to offer, it's filled with abysmal story, poor dialogue, tedious screenplay, and clichés. Do yourself a favor and watch all the songs on YouTube, paying money to go watch this movie is the worst thing that you can ever do.

My Rating - 1.5/5
Grade - D+ (A hangover!)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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