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Top 5: Mission Impossible: Fallout vs Infinity War & Deadpool 2

Top 5 Reasons Why Mission Impossible: Fallout is the Best Movie of the Summer and Avengers: Infinity War or Deadpool 2 Were Not Even Close!

Prelude: Just to clarify, this is just my opinion piece and I don't want to offend anyone with my thoughts. If you like Avengers: Infinity War or even Deadpool 2, it's fine, nothing wrong with that. It's just the magic of cinema. Also, I'm well aware that they're many indie films like Hereditary or Won't You Be My Neighbor? which are certainly much better than these summer blockbusters, and I only want to concentrate on Popular Films. So, I hope everyone is on the same page and with that being said, let's get started!

Reason #1: The Breathtaking Stunts

Advertised and been told as the largest practical action film ever shot, I was astounded to see the amount of hard work, courage and dedication Tom Cruise and the entire crew had put through to entertain the audience and make the big-screen experience memorable. Overwhelmed with CGI, I bet you can't point out any impressive action scene from both Infinity War and Deadpool 2 of the top of your mind. In Fallout, to name a few, the HALO jump, the entire Helicopter scene, felt incredibly special to watch cause it is, in fact, Cruise (not Josh Brolin in a suit) doing most of these deadly stunts without the help from a stunt-double.

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Reason #2: Mr Tom Cruise

The second reason why this franchise feels very special is that of The Man, The Myth, The Legend, Tom Cruise, who is crazy enough to up the ante every time we see him in these movies. There is a real reason why he's called the Greatest Action Movie Star of our generation and it's because he trains and skillfully performs these awe-inspiring stunt sequences which are theatric, spectacular and at the same time concerning to watch. The guy is 56 years old and still wants to entertain his audience and make their penny's worth, which is applaudable. I even heard him mention in an interview, that he and his team gave a serious thought to do an action sequence in space. Geeeez! How far can you go?

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Reason #3: An Intriguing Storyline

Now, I'll not even bring Deadpool 2 into this conversation. What's the plot of Infinity War again? Ohh! Thanos snaps his fingers and half of the population vanishes including our favourite Avengers? So, this was his unpopular option to bring law and order to the world? Sounds very familiar! Because that's the same thing every evil-minded supervillain want to accomplish. Destroy half of the society and take control over the world. Even Fallout explores a similar storyline.

But, continuing as the sixth film in the franchise, Fallout still manages to keep the viewer interesting by taking an ordinary storyline and making it intriguing to watch by adding few twists and turns which didn't feel forced.

Reason #4: The Not-So-Cheesy Jokes

Let me start by saying this, few of the previous MCU films were funny, the first Deadpool movie was a riot. However, the comedic scenes in Deadpool 2 stopped being funny after a while and same goes to Infinity War. They got repetitive, oversaturated and the whole thing became unfunny. I remember Rocket Raccoon cracking a stupid silly joke in the midst of serious fight which spoiled the entire scene and that kept happening in both the films.

On the other side, Fallout, for the most part, deals with a serious tone, but the comedic sequences were short, funny and are not overdone, unlike the previous two mentioned films.

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Reason #5: A Cinematic Experience

Now, I agree, watching the Avengers fight against the CGI giant Thanos and Deadpool dodge bullets from Cable is pretty cool on the big screen. But, there's something really special watching Cruise doing these mesmerizing stunts. It's a heart-stopping experience, and it gave me goosebumps even when watching it for the second time. There is a reason why I go to the movies every week and Fallout enthralled me by making it an absolute cinematic experience which I never really came across in recent times.

-A Top 5 List and An Opinion Piece by Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal
Twitter Profile - @JustMovieFreaks | Instagram's Profile - @JustMovieFreaks

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Mission: Impossible - Fallout - Honest Movie Review

Verdict - "Good God!"

Directed by Christopher McQuarrie, Fallout is the sixth film in the Mission: Impossible franchise (good God!) and stars Tom Cruise in the lead role who is 56-years old which is unbelievable. Normally, when any franchise is six films deep, we expect pretty mediocre stuff. Like, what's left to explore further right? But, the Fast and Furious franchise produced eight movies and they're still fun to watch and Mission: Impossible franchise falls into the same class where every film keeps getting better or are at least consistent when it comes to quality.

Nevertheless, the storyline kicks off with Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his gang intercepting the sale of three plutonium cores and things go south, they lose the plutonium and Hunt goes on this insane mission to acquire these elements which involve running, racing, diving, and loads of zany stuff Cruise loves to do.

The Mission: Impossible franchise is well-known for its notorious action sequences and in the previous two films we've seen Cruise climb one of tallest buildings in the world (Burj Khalifa) and maniacally hang to the side of an A400M aircraft which is still breathtaking to watch. At this point with Cruise approaching his 60's and breaking an ankle in the midst of shooting the roof-top scene in London, I thought that this film might revert when it comes to action, but, bloody hell, it took two steps forward and delivered much more than I expected.

Tom Cruise who is upping the ante every time we see him in these movies once again proved why he's called The Greatest Action Movie Star of our generation by performing few awe-inspiring stunts which are spectacular and at the same time concerning to watch. Advertised and been told as the largest practical action film ever shot, I was astounded to see the amount of hard work, courage and dedication Tom Cruise and the entire crew had put through to entertain the audience and make the big-screen experience memorable. To name a few, the HALO jump, the helicopter scene in the climax felt incredibly special to watch cause it's in fact Cruise doing these deadly stunts without any help from a stunt-double.

Trampled with action scenes, the storyline of the movie was relatively underwhelming when compared to the previous two and although it had few twists and turns, for the most part, it was predictable. The characters excluding Hunt didn't have much of an impact as I anticipated more from Cavill, Ferguson, and Benji who felt like they're just present in the film.

Overall, Fallout is a magnificent theater experience permeated with mind-boggling action sequences that are totally worth your penny. Watch it on the biggest screen available and let Tom Cruise take care of the rest. This is undoubtedly the best action movie I've seen this year and rightfully deserves all the praise and acclaim that it's been receiving across the world.

My Rating - 3.5/5 | Grade - B+ (A Perfect Weekend Pick!)
-An Honest Movie Review by Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)
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@JustMovieFreaks | Twitter Profile - @JustMovieFreaks

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The Mummy - Movie Review

Verdict - "Dark Universe off to a terrible start! "

Directed by Alex Kurtzman, The Mummy starring Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella, Annabelle Wallis and Russell Crowe in the lead roles is the first chapter in the Dark Universe (orchestrated by Universal Studios) and is used as a launching pad to acquaint with more classic monster films in the upcoming years. Primarily, the established plot circles around an Ancient Egyptian Princess Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella) who's been mummified alive for her sinful practices in the past. Cut back to the present day, when Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) unknowingly unlocks her (Ahmanet's) mercury filled grave, she resurrects herself back from the dead, congregates a large legion of zombies and creates havoc in the city seeking for supremacy.

As a big fan of the 1999 Brendan Fraser's Mummy film, I was really looking forward to this new incarnation of the Mummy franchise and plus Tom Cruise has consistently been acting in few great films in the recent years. So, I've went into the film with an open mind, wanting to like it and get entertained by it for two hours. Indeed, within the first half hour or so, I thought that the film was decently set up. We get a good back story of Ahmanet's past in Ancient Egypt, the introductions of the new characters (although generic) was handled properly and I anticipated the film to be on the exact pace till it's conclusion.

But, the film took an improper path by explaining things that are not entertaining, interesting or complex and as a result, the (limited) action sequences were not compelling enough to be remembered. Even the lifeless characters of Tom Cruise and Annabelle Wallis were not appealing enough to care about their love relationship throughout the film.

Nevertheless, The Mummy is an over exemplified action-adventure-romantic-comedy film that takes a straightforward plot and embarrasses itself by making it complicated. The seeds for an upcoming Monster Universe were planted all throughout the film, but the first part itself in the Dark Universe was underwhelming and forgettable on the whole.

My Rating - 2.5/5 | Grade - C+
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)  

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Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation - Movie Review

Verdict - "A staggering spy-action summer movie blocbuster."

Following the astonishing success of its predecessor "Ghost Protocol." "Rogue Nation" starring Tom Cruise in the lead role is the fifth film in the "Mission Impossible" franchise and customarily when you pick out a fifth movie from any franchise (except for Fast 5), it misses the mark unexceptionally. But, amazingly, MI 5 not only established the franchise remarkably for future its installments but it also made sure that the storytelling aspect of the movie was enhanced well, along with the action sequences. 

The storyline of the movie kicks off with Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) trying to prove the existence of Syndicate (an anti-IMF), a group of trained and skillful assassins who are responsible for many tragic events happening around the world. With the IMF (Impossible Mission Force) now ceased from existence, will Hunt and his team succeed in their last operation?

The most noteworthy trait about MI 5 is that it joined all the good elements from the previous installments and assembled an incredible movie. Christopher McQuarrie's screenplay felt very reminiscent to the first Mission Impossible, where the uncertainty of the storyline was exceptionally done as it kept you guessing every time. In spite of few pacing issues from time to time, the movie made me engross into the situation really well and enthrall when needed. 

The action sequences in the movie were probably the best we've seen in any MI movie so far, as it all comes down about how well shot and choreographed the scene was. Thanks to McQuarrie, for the direction he chose to direct these scenes as they're plentiful of extraordinary spine-tingling action scenes that deserve an appreciation.

Tom Cruise never backs down when it comes to improving and topping himself in every single movie. The amount of hard work and effort that he put into his role was astounding and watching him ride a motorcycle or hanging on to the side of an Airbus A400M was incredible to watch. 

Simon Pegg is given a brief role and is allowed to show a much more emotional side of Benji, Jeremy Renner, and Ving Rhames were decent in their supporting roles. But, Rebecca Ferguson's performance in the movie was a complete surprise for me. She was menacing and beautiful at the same time that helped her character connote more to the movie.

Nonetheless, "Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation" is a flawless example of a spy-action summer movie blocbuster with a well-developed plot, more gripping screenplay, and few staggering action sequences. Tom Cruise still proves that he is one of the best action movie star of our generation, MI 5 is a must watch!

My Rating - 3.75/5
Grade - B+ (Highly Entertaining!)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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