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'Baahubali 2: The Conclusion' is All Set to Release in China!

After breaking records and wrecking havoc in Indian Film Industry last year, Tollywood's Magnum Opus 'Baahubali 2: The Conclusion' is all set to grace the Chinese audience very soon. SS Rajamouli's fantasy epic was sent to China for certification a few days earlier and was given a green signal by the China Censor Board.

The film will be released by EStars Media, who previously handled 'Baahubali: The Beginning' in China which earned $1.12 million. The sequel has now cleared the censorship process but does not yet have a settled release date. International sales are handled by an offshoot of producer Arka Media Works.

Actor Aamir Khan’s 'Dangal' opened the doors for Indian films in China and following its lead, 'Secret Superstar' and 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan' also did a brilliant business there. 'Baahubali 2: The Conclusion', which earned more than Rs. 1700 crores worldwide, will be awaited to watch how it performs in China.

A Movie News Report by Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal) | Website's Twitter Handle - @JustMovieFreaks

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Sketch - Honest Movie Review

Verdict: “Falls Short of Being A Decent Film!” 

It has become a habit for Vikram to give a hit movie and then come up with a couple of ordinary ones. His last venture “Irumugan” was a moderate success at the box office. Now with Sketch directed by Vijay Chander, he follows his routine as the movie turned out to be an average flick.

Set up in the iniquitous streets of North Madras, Sketch (Vikram) works as a vehicle seizer to Saettu (Hareesh Peradi). Saettu uses Sketch’s ability to seize any vehicle and provokes him to grasp the car of ‘Royapuram’ Kumar, a local don, who thinks the car as his proud possession. Sketch with his skills, snatches the car along with his friends, only to earn foeship of ‘Royapuram’ Kumar. Within few days, Sketch’s friends die one by one. What happens next forms the rest of the story with an impressive twist. 

While we have seen quite a few cat and mouse revenge flicks in the past, what makes Sketch unique was the screenplay with detailed character plan for each role. Vijay Chander lets the character develop slowly on the screen, as we get to know the actual plot of the movie only before the interval.

Yet, the unnecessary love portions with Tamannaah and unwanted songs make the film sluggish. When we are made to sit on the edge of the seat with thrill scenes, these clichéd romance scenes come as a speed bump and spoil the mood set by the preceding scene. Trimming them or completely avoiding them would have made the film even better. 

Moving to the performances, Vikram never fails to amaze us with his acting skills. We have seen him as a North Madras guy in ‘I’ but that too for a short time in that movie. Seeing him as a North Madras local in this film was a delight as he portrayed the role with ease with his charismatic persona. 

Tamannaah had nothing significant to do, as her scenes were the ones that messed up the movie. Soori, Baburaj, RK Suresh, Sriman, Kalloori Vinoth were apt as North Madras natives and were all remarkable in their respective roles that had an equal importance all through.

BGM and songs for the film were composed by S. Thaman. Though the BGM was elevating, songs and their placement ruined the overall movie. Technically, the cinematography was uppermost capturing the North Madras in its most natural manner. 

Overall, Sketch falls flat and ended up as tolerable one. Though the director sketched a good screenplay for an average story, well-written characters, an interesting twist and a convincing social message, many unwanted scenes made the film a tedious watch.

My Rating - 2.25/5 | Grade – C (Misses the Mark!)
An Honest Movie Review by Nirmalraj aka AK (@NirmalRaj2911) | Website's Twitter Handle - @JustMovieFreaks

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Entertainment - Movie Review

Verdict - "Entertainment undoubtedly falls in the category of worst movies of this year".

Akhil Lokhande (Akshay Kumar) just has one aim in life: he wants to earn enough money to prove his worth, which will in turn, impress his girlfriend's (Tammannah Bhatia) father (Mithun Chakraborty). That is, till he gets the news that he is the son of a multi-millionaire diamond merchant. Akhil's troubles don't end here: his father has inherited all his property to a dog, called Entertainment!

As a fan of Akshay Kumar It's very saddening for me to see him doing such films. Unfortunately his choice of films is getting worse year by year. Why can't he do films like Special 26, Oh My God or Holiday? What makes him do such mind-numbing films?

It's not like slapstick comedies are not enjoyable, Akshay Kumar has ruled this genre from past few years but it's high time now! I really hope he stops doing films like Entertainment. Tamannah Bhatia doesn't have much scope in the film.

Johnny Lever, Prakash Raj, Sonu Sood and Mithun Chakraborty did a decent job. Krushna is as irritating as the film's narrative.

Sometimes it feels like Junior, (Entertainment) meant to be the film's hero, is just used as a prop in this lousy flick.

The less said the better about the debutant director duo Farhad & Sajid. The duo shows how low on IQ they are by writing & directing "Entertainment". Believe me even a 10 year old won't enjoy the film. Did the duo actually believed that naming their film Entertainment will make it entertaining?

The only enjoyable thing in the film were its songs.

I'll rate it one out of 5 stars. Entertainment is a big embarrassment on the Hindi Film Industry.

My Rating - 1/5 | Grade - D (Absolutely Awful!)
-By Nisarg Shah (@Nisakki)

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Veeram - Movie Review

Verdict - "A perfect entertainer for the festival"

Ajith Kumar's latest-flick "Veeram" directed by Siruthai Siva is one of the most anticipated movies of 2014. After the huge success of "Arrambam" expectations were very huge, also it releases alongside "Ilaiyathalabathy" Vijay's "Jilla", have it live up to all the hype it had?

Veeram has Ajith & Thamannah in the lead, Vidharth, Bala, Munish, Suhail play the role of 4 brothers of Ajith. While Santhanam, Ramesh Khanna, Nasser, Pradeep Rawat, Atul Kulkarni, Appukutty, Thambi Ramaiya play some pivotal roles.

Set in the rural backdrop, Vinayagam (Ajith) brings up his four brothers single-handedly. They are known for their violent nature and they are determined to stay unmarried. But two of his brothers are already in love and they believe that only way to make Vinayagam approve would be to make him fall in love too.

They choose Kopperundevi (Thamannah), who is a part of a group that restores old statues in temples. She is a very soft natured person and hates violence. Along with Bail Perumal (Santhanam), who is their lawyer and friend invent several plans to bring Vinayagam and Kopperundevi together.

After few glitches, they both fall in love. While she takes him to meet her father Nallasivam (Nasser) a group attacks them. There is a twist in the story here. Will it be Vinayagam's revivals or Kopperundevi family's violent past which will come to haunt their happiness?

It is just an ordinary story line, with average screenplay. The movie moves in a slow pace though not boring. Siva keeps us engaged with comedy and sentimental scenes. Stunt master Silva deserves a mention here. Action sequences were very well choreographed.

Devi Sri Prasad background score added perfect mass to the movie. Songs were nothing out of ordinary. I find nothing hummable. The introduction song and theme music were quite good.

Performances! "Thala" Ajith will be seen in a never before seen avatar. From aviator sunglasses, coat and suits he has changed completely to the other side wearing dhoti and shirts. His charisma, mannerism, power-packed punch dialogues is more enough to make his fans go crazy.

The actors who are portrayed as his brothers had very little to do in screen and their roles were overshadowed by Ajith. Thamannah gives a good comeback and has done her job well. All the others had done their given job well. Santhanam, as usual rocked with his one-liners, Thambi Ramaiya was equally good.

Finally, Veeram is a great Pongal treat for his hardcore fans and entertainment expecting audiences. It proves to be an action-Masala film with right mixtures of comical scenes, emotional scenes and hefty action scenes. "Thala" Ajith carries the ordinary story lined movie in his shoulders and makes it an entertaining one.

My Rating - 3.5/5
Grade - B+ (Perfect Weekend Pick)
-By Nirmalraj aka AK

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