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Karenjit Kaur Review: Precise! Satisfactory!

Starring – Sunny Leone
Director – Aditya Datt
Genre – Biopic/Drama
Streaming Platform – ZEE5 


Directed by Aditya Datt, this ZEE5 Original Series “Karenjit Kaur-The Untold Story of Sunny Leone” narrates the story of Karenjit Kaur Vohra, a regular, typical girl-next-door to the superstar we all know and love, Sunny Leone, India's Most Googled Celebrity.

The series begins with Journalist Anupam Chaubey (Raj Arjun) interviewing Sunny Leone and he starts on a degrading note. Undisturbed by his tone, Sunny calmly opens up about her past. This ten episode series showcases about her early childhood, moving to Los Angeles, her success as a beauty pageant and what forced her to step into the porn industry and why she didn’t step back even when she had a choice. 


Making a biopic is never easy and having the one whom you are making a biography about as the main lead was indeed admirable. It takes nerves of steel to portray yourself and tell your story to the world and in that aspect Sunny Leone has done her best as herself in this series. 

Writers Karan Srikanth Sharma and Niranjan Kaushik have taken into note only the most important happening from Sunny’s life and the screenplay was crisp with all the necessary elements such a love, animosity, emotions, and criticism. Director Aditya Datt made sure that he justifies the writing and presents the debated past life of Sunny Leone in an unadulterated manner though he took some artistic liberation. The series oscillates from 1999 to 2004 to 1994 and back to 2008 yet the storytelling isn’t complex and was trouble-free watch. 

Also, the actors impersonating Sunny’s parents and brother did their part well. Bijay J. Anand as an emotional yet upright father, Grusha Kapoor as an alcoholic mother and Karamvir Lamba as a brother who was more of a friend and supporter to Sunny in every phase of her life. I found Raj Arjun’s performance to be exceptional. Though his screen time was limited, he made a mark as a stringent journal charging questions like a scorpion sting.


Overall, Karenjit Kaur - The Untold Story of Sunny Leone is not very elaborate but still manages to cover the most intriguing and essential part of Sunny’s life. The series is precise, straightforward, understandable and easy to binge.

-A Just Stream Editorial by Nirmal Raj aka AK (@Nirmalraj2911)
Twitter Profile - @JustMovieFreaks | Instagram's Profile - @JustMovieFreaks

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Mastizaade - Movie Review

Verdict - "Worst of the worst!"

Banking on Sunny Leone's popularity is a no brainer, the controversial star has her audience and casting her in a pertinent role might bring success to a film commercially. But, will it work every time? Are people dumb enough to buy a ticket and watch anything or everything she's exhibited? 

Maybe that's where the fine people from Pritish Nandy Communications got confused and made a big mistake by producing this atrocity which will most definitely stay as one of the worst movies of 2016.

Sunny Kele (Tusshar Kapoor) and Aditya Chothia (Vir Das) are two best buddies who work for an Ad Agency and squander their free time pretending as sex addicts and circling around rehab programs looking for girls. Eventually, they come across Lily and Laila Lele (Sunny Leone) and become flabbergasted with their beauty. Guess what happens next? 

My initial hate, fury, and anger go to writer-director Milap Zaveri who somehow managed to make a pointless 110-minute film. Several scenes were filled with nothingness occupied with witless dialogue, excessive product placement, and the worst part is none of the scenes were funny or amusing. It seriously felt like a series of ludicrous skits with no link or conjunction whatsoever.

Performances from Tusshar Kapoor and Vir Das are out-and-out, not funny from the duo because of the lackluster writing. Even though they tried to bring out the best from this catastrophe, it didn't transact well on the big screen and predominantly looked substandard.

Sunny Leone acting skills get worse and worse every time she appears in a movie. She's not destined for a lead actress role in my opinion and watching her suffer on every occasion with her futile facial expressions had become a regular thing. 

Nonetheless, I totally blame the production company Pritish Nandy Communications for making this movie happen for all the wrong reasons. It's not funny to watch Tusshar and Das deliver few humorless jokes or it's not riveting to watch Sunny's unnecessary skin show which is not at all carnal. This is without a doubt one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life and I hated every single second of it.

My Rating - 0/5
Grade - F (Disastrous piece of a movie!)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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Ek Paheli Leela - Movie Review

Which aspects of the movie do you take into consideration, before tagging it as a "horrible" movie? Story? Screenplay? Direction? Acting? Disconcerting for the most part on every perspective, Ek Paheli Leela is a train-wreck of a movie and is certainly one of the most disappointing movies of 2015. 

Followed by a recycled and a depleted storyline, the movie takes place in two different timelines, the past and the present, where the two main leads (Sunny Leone & Jay Bhanushali) were haunted by few nightmares of their past life which involves love, grief, and betrayal.

As I stated earlier, from the get-go, this movie is absolutely annoying to watch, the predictable storyline with a dreadful twist in the climax, the awful dialogue, the unwitty humour and the terrible performance from Sunny Leone were few of the appalling parts in the movie which will make your mind go numb and the absurdity factor was always there.

As a whole, Ek Paheli Leela is an unpleasant movie going experience and will surely find it's place in this year's worst movies list. It had the potential of partly being an average flick, but it never uses any given opportunity.

My Rating - 1/5
Grade - D (Absolutely Awful!)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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Ragini MMS 2 - Movie Review

Verdict - “A slothful attempt that ended up with a disappointment.”

The film opens with the plot we all are aware of, Director Bhushan Rocks (Parvin Dabas) plans to shoot a movie based on the Ragini MMS event in the same locality that was obviously haunted. Knowing that they are already wedged in a creepy situation, some members of the crew begin to experience few uncanny occurrences around the house that perceptibly lead to an upsetting past and a ravenous evil seeking for retribution.

Judging by the trailers of the movie, I'm quite sure about the object they are aiming to and I indeed appreciate that. But on a serious note, I'm all geared up for all the terrible aspects of the movie that discernibly makes the movie an inferior one.

The script was captivating to prolong the movie into a decent thriller but the abysmal standard in writing the screenplay was a worrying factor. It was a lifeless attempt by adding a scarce amount of erotic scenes and many sequences in the movie leads to an amatory ending which was appalling.

Moreover, the movie didn't generate any kind of tension in me, I was sitting with a flat face throughout the movie. The weak jump scares are rather laughable than creating a certain amount of trepidation inside me.

It was generally annoying to hear loud sounds so as to undergo a horrific situtation, it exhibits the lack of creativity in the director and I'm not a fan of CGI generated demons that are widely used in the movie, it usually takes me out of the experience.

Besides everything, the characters in the movie are largely underdeveloped, the funniness they are trying to pull out in few scenes didn't really work out. Sunny Leone was assigned to do a particular job and she accomplished it incredibly well. Although she was awful with her poor acting ability, she stood as an eye-catching factor for the movie with her sizzling looks.

Constructing a horror movie is a tough task and I absolutely respect the attempt of the filmmaker. That being said, adding something genuine to the movie was the thing that really fascinate the audience members and enrich the quality in a horror movie and Ragini MMS 2 doesn't adhere to any of these points and concluded with a giant disappointment.

My Rating - 1/5
Grade - D (Disastrous piece of movie!)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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