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1. The Infinity Stones: Where Are They Now?

As of the release of Thor: Ragnarok (2017), five of the six Infinity Stones have surfaced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Space Stone (also known as the Tesseract) was first revealed in Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), and now resides with Loki. The Mind Stone, which was housed in Loki's staff until Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), and now is in the possession of Vision. The Power Stone, first seen in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), is under control of the Nova Corps. The Reality Stone (also known as the Aether) was first seen in Thor: The Dark World (2013), and was placed in the care of the Collector. With the destruction of the Collector's Vault in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), its whereabouts are unclear. The fifth and final known stone, the Time Stone (also known as the Eye of Agamotto), was revealed in Doctor Strange (2016) and is under his protection in Kamar-Taj. The whereabouts of the sixth stone, the Soul Stone, is unknown and may appear in this movie.

2. A Little Context Before You Watch the Movie 

It has been confirmed by the Russo brothers that what happened in Captain America: Civil War (2016) will still continue in this movie where the teams will still be divided. The film will conclude the Thanos and the Infinity Stones story arc, and the plot will follow the Avengers joining forces with the Guardians of the Galaxy to stop Thanos from destroying the universe with the six Infinity Stones.

3. The Dope New Shield: Made in Wakanda

Steve Rogers wields a new shield in this film, made from Wakandan Vibranium, that splits apart into two arm guards. This is based on two different shields Rogers wielded in the comics: one shield was provided by the Black Panther, and the other split apart into two guards. The tech reflects his surroundings, apparently made of vibranium — the same rare naturally occurring meteoric ore that Black Panther’s suit is made of — which derives from the African nation. And according to the recent reveal that Shuri is the tech genius behind her brother’s superhero gadgetry, it’s pretty safe to say that Cap’s new gauntlet shield was invented by the Princess of Wakanda herself.

4. Hey Thor! How About a New Hammer!?

Having lost his hammer Mjolnir in Thor: Ragnarok (2017), Thor constructs a new hammer in this film, known as Stormbreaker. Stormbreaker is named for the Asgardian hammer given to Thor's comrade Beta Ray Bill. It is a war hammer-ax, based on the Marvel Ultimate Mjolnir.

5. The White Wolf < The Winter Soldier

Entertainment Weekly confirmed that Bucky Barnes will go by the code name 'White Wolf' in Avengers: Infinity War, as he was referred to by the children of Wakanda in the after credit scene in Black Panther (2018). White Wolf in the comics was T'Challa's adopted brother Hunter who was the leader of Wakanda's secret police: The Hatut Zeraze.

Sources and Writing Credits - IMDB and Nerdist. (Thanks)

-A Top 5 List by Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal) | Website's Twitter Handle - @JustMovieFreaks

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Spider-Man: Homecoming - Movie Review

Verdict - "The fun Spider-Man film that we deserve!"

Directed by Jon Watts, Spider-Man: Homecoming is the third rendition of the character of Spider-Man with Sam Raimi's trilogy and Marc Webb's duology under the Sony Pictures Network's umbrella and now the new version is supervised by both Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures Networks. Starring Tom Holland as Peter Parker, Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes/Vulture and Robert Downey Jr. reprising his role as Iron Man, Homecoming will be the fourth film in Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) releasing after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and to be followed with the release of Thor: Ragnarok in November of this year.

Shortly after the events of Civil War, Peter Parker returns home to Queens, New York in high spirits excited for his next 'big' mission with the Avengers. Continuing his high-school, Parker impresses as a hometown hero after helping the locals by stopping crime and chaos. After stumbling upon Adrian Toomes and his smuggling business (involving 'exotic alien materials' from the Battle of New York), Parker sets his sights to put an end to Vulture and his crew's malpractices which in return causes Parker bigger disturbances than expected.

Unlike any other Spider-Man film we've seen in the past, Homecoming had a genuine coming-of-age vibe bordered around it with the essential facets like the jokes, action sequences, drama and the relationships between the characters. Everything blended in flawlessly with the storyline and it felt like a straightforward standalone Spider-Man film and not like a film that is heavily tramped down with the appearances of Iron Man and the Avengers.  

On the heels of a critical success, Jon Watts who directed a much different and a smaller film previously called 'Cop Car' had done a tremendous job in portraying the character of Spider-Man with an easy likable tone, the film was well paced, the action scenes were choreographed competently and gave a well-defined picture to the audience of what can they expect from a future Spider-Man film. Regarding the performances in the film, Tom Holland was great as Spider-Man, Michael Keaton unlike every other super villain in the MCU did not prove to be a paper desperado and had a well-written thoughtful character in the film and his performance was decent as well.

Overall, I had a great time watching Homecoming, it's definitely not in my Top 5 Best MCU films list, but it was an enjoyable standalone Spider-Man which is far more superior when compared to the Marc Webb's duology. 

My Rating - 3.5/5
Grade - B+ (A perfect weekend pick!)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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The Judge - Movie Review

Verdict - "Two stupendous performances followed with a good storyline. The Judge is totally watchable".

Robert Downey Jr. as a charismatic conceited lad yet again? It's like Tony Stark playing a poised lawyer. Either way, I never get bored of watching him playing the same character.

After receiving a call from his brother Glen stating that their mother had passed away. Hank Palmer (RDJ) decides to drive back to his hometown Indiana (which he labels as a miserable to live), to pay his condolences. Despite the fact that he doesn't share a good relationship with his father Joseph (Robert Duvall), Hank settles on to stay and represent his father as a prosecutor after Joseph being doubted as the main offender in a murder case.

The most significant aspect that I liked about the movie is it's totally relatable and authentic. I found myself deeply engrossed by the vibe of the movie because it's a conventional story of a family who was in a bad situation. I can link up to that!

Screenwriters, Nick Schenk and Bill Dubuque did a decent job in narrating a wholesome tale about how relationships change from time to time and what they actually mean at the utmost stage of an assorted life. It was serene and simple which I count as a redeeming quality for the movie.

Likewise, I really enjoyed the humour in the movie which was quick and instant. Striking out few jokes out of nowhere and actually making them explode is a tough task and I'm genuinely impressed that it made me laugh a lot which took me by surprise.

Few complaints comprise the unwanted scenes and characters in the movie. Most of them include Vera Farmiga in it, I thought that she was wasted in this movie, her scenes were a bit pointless, as she felt like just another gratuitous character in the movie. And that opens up my argument that the movie was a bit long, it could've been easily trimmed down to two hours, as I felt that the actual run time was redundant.

Also the technical aspects were impressive for the most part. Janusz KamiƄski's camera work was dazzling when it comes to the wide angle shots, the light and shade and the scenic countryside panorama's were eye-catching. Not to mention about the background score in the movie which was quite soothing and incorporated with the movie very well.

Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall the two main protagonists were together remarkable in the movie. Their chemistry worked out really well because of the self-seeking characters, as we're put in a disarray of many mixed feelings about these two individuals and it actually intrigued me more into the movie.

Overall, I enjoyed The Judge for the most part, I was interested and immersed into the movie although it had a few complaints in several places. A very well directed and written movie and I totally recommend watching it for the incredible performances from RDJ and Duvall all alone.

My Rating - 3.25/5
Grade - B (Entertaining! With few noticeable flaws)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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