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Venom - Honest Movie Review

In a nutshell, Sony Pictures is similar to that 'stubborn boyfriend who doesn't seem to have gotten over his ex-girlfriend' and keeps recurring despite multiple missteps. Soon after the 'Amazing Spider-Man' franchise debacle, MCU rescued the much-beloved teenage superhero character with 'Spider-Man: Homecoming', that left both critics and audience spellbound. Sony, on the other hand, still hungry for creating their own money minting superhero franchise, somehow managed to rush out a 'Non-MCU, Spider-Man Universe (Without Spider-Man)', and the first blunder is Venom, which is indeed 'A Turd in the Wind' (no pun intended).

Verdict - "Worse Than a Turd!"

Eddie Brock [Tom Hardy] (who alternates as the junkie cousin of Lois Lane) is a rockstar reporter in town, has a caring girlfriend (Michelle Williams), a simple life and cruises through the streets of San Francisco with a Ducati Scrambler. Soon after his disruptive interview/encounter with billionaire businessman, Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), Eddie loses his job, apartment and regrets his frozen food-eating lifestyle until he comes across his monster looking, liver eating, always hungry parasite (brother), Venom.

Loomed with predictability, Venom primarily suffers from its premature writing and storyline issues. The plot jumps from one scene to another, without any throughline, and at a certain point, I found myself deep down in a sh*t hole and stopped paying attention to what's happening on screen. It is a mess ponging with bad dialogue, glaring plot holes and unbelievably dumb scenes which cracked me up a little because of its stupidity. 

The characters do things which will make you go "Wait! Why didn't that happen?" say things which will make you go "That's so dumb!" and take decisions which will make you go "Well! I'm not surprised!" Maybe, I'll be in a situation to accept these stereotypical clichés if you wipe out the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Nolan Batman Trilogy where storytelling and character development were given utmost importance. We live in 2018, in a planet half-wiped out by a Purple God, and bad storytelling is just not tolerable anymore.

Let's talk about the characters, Golden Globe winner and a four-time Oscar-nominated actress, Michelle Williams, did next to nothing in the film as her character only required her to show up at different instances, spit out some terribly-written dialogue and then disappear for the next thirty-five minutes. Riz Ahmed, who is a crowdpleaser in 'Nightcrawler', could've felt guilty playing this bland, mundane antagonist character which we've already seen a million times before. With absolutely zero character work, his character felt like he's planted in the film only to experiment and do evil work and fight the protagonist in the climax in a Last Man Standing match. The other characters were equally worthless in the film as they do and say incoherent things which makes no sense.

However, if you put aside everything negative with the film, the only aspect I can appreciate is the weird bromance between Eddie Brock and Venom. The back-and-forth between them was the only entertaining part of the film, and Tom Hardy is capable enough to make his junkie character likeable. Honestly, I'd much rather see a film of Venom and Eddie hangin' out in the streets of San Francisco instead of the flying sh*t box that we've got.

On the whole, Venom is an atrocity when it comes to writing, and at some point during the film, I stopped concentrating and giving a sh*t. So, if you're one of them who don't care about storytelling and character moments, go watch Venom. Similar to the 'Amazing Spider-Man 2', this film is a gigantic mess, and I still smell the stink whenever I'm thinking about it.

My Rating - 1.5/5 | Grade - D+ (A Hangover!)
-An Honest Movie Review by Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)
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Nightcrawler - Movie Review

Verdict - "Dark, hilarious and unnerving!"

Being an erratic in common, I love when movies have that violent-gritty vibe blended with a dark humour that only particular set of audience can connect to. It's pretty weird!

The story is about this eerie individual named Lou Bloom (Jake Gylenhall) who finds interest in shooting and selling viral crime videos to news channel outlets before or after the cops arrive for further investigation at the crime scene. In the long run, in order to boost up the ratings for the news channel he's working for, Bloom enters into a spot where he takes high risks and goes insane to a point where he turns into a terrible person with an evil mindset.

Because of the fact that the screenplay of the movie was very well placed, I better describe this whole experience as an enigma, it entices you deliberately, takes you to these dark places where criminality is sky scrapping and humanity is fading among the normal people. It exhibits the authentic culture of all the news outlets and how dangerous a beautiful city can be in the night.

One of the major positives about this movie was it's writing, the dialogues in the movie were so well written that it's almost unusual to have such a bizarre conversation with somebody and they were great and sharp in my opinion. And as I stated initially, the comedic aspects in this movies were few things I enjoyed the most.

Being his directorial debut, I can say that Dan Gilroy was remarkable at his job, the car chase sequences were shot with perfection and for eight million dollar budget this movie looked incredible on-screen and I'm totally surprised with it.

If you observe the movie very specifically, you can comprehend that Gylenhall was completely immersed to his character, he lost weight, he looked like an uncanny person to hangout and this was by far my favourite performance by Gylenhall among all his previous ones. Rene Russo was incredibly alluring in the movie also with an evil diligent character and I genuinely liked watching her in the movie.

Delivering flawlessly in every single frame, Nightcrawler was by far one of the best movies I've seen in 2014 and was surely at the top of my list. It was dark, hilarious and unnerving, it just doesn't have that quick re-watchability factor and that's the only flaw I can point out in this movie.

My Rating - 4.5/5
Grade - A+ (Don't dare to miss it)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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