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Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb - Movie Review

Verdict - "Night at the Museum 3 is a definite pass! Strictly a rental."

Identical to the majority of the sequels these days, Night at the Museum 3 falls into the same league where it needs an insignificant subject to be carried along with the drift and end up displaying a ninety minute movie which is not necessarily important for the franchise.

This time, the erroneous narration gyre around the magic golden tablet. During the expedition of Egypt back in 1938, amid of capturing the tomb of Akhmenrah, the locals warn the excavators that if they disturb the tomb the "end will come". Subsequnetly, after many long years, the tablet now starts to react, as it gets corroded and Larry (Ben Stiller) is the only single hope to get things straight.

To profess few things before, I really love the first installment of this franchise, hated the second one and this movie is in between the previous two movies. I didn't love it nor I didn't hate it. The disconcerting element is that the movie created a trouble-free vibe around itself without taking too many risks. It felt stale and lazy and the writing department failed terribly in this aspect.

The screenplay was just asinine filled with annoying scenes, unwitty cameos and overall a doltish conclusion for a historic setup, it all felt ridiculous. However, they're few redeemable comedic and emotional scenes in the movie that are slightly enjoyable to watch and the director Shawn Levy did a good job in highlighting them in a pretty decent way.

Being one of the last movies of Robin Williams, it was just spectacular to watch him reprise his role of Theodre Rossevelt in the movie and this one particular scene in the climax really made me cry and reinforces the fact that we will really miss him forever. Ben Stiller was no different, he was the same old guy as before and I didn't care much about him and his look-alike character "Laaa". Rebel Wilson, Dan Stevens, Owen Wilson and Steve Coogan did their part well without infuriating me too much.

Finally, The Night at the Museum 3 was tolerable if you don't bother about the narrative structure or the explanation of the movie. It was just a casual film where you can just sit back on your couch and watch it when you're asleep. Probably a "rainy day" rental.

My Rating - 2/5
Grade - C (Meh! Probably a rental)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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