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The Christmas Chronicles Review: Warm and Delightful!

Starring – Kurt Russell, Judah Lewis and Darby Camp
Director – Clay Kaytis
Genre – Christmas Comedy
Streaming Platform – Netflix


Christmas themed movies aren’t found dime a dozen. We wait several years before we get one every now and then. This year, Netflix has decided to pull the plunger on this cinematic void by releasing a variety of original films that celebrate the spirit of Christmas. Directed by Clay Kaytis, The Christmas Chronicles (2018) offers home-viewers a decent family-friendly holiday flick that sparkles in parts.

The plot of the film revolves around two siblings who attempts to catch Santa Claus in action and succeeds, but accidently crashes his sleigh and consequently, has to run around with him to save Christmas. Stranded in Chicago, Santa Claus and the two children go on a series of missions together that range from tracking down his missing reindeers to finding his magic hat.


The film is filled with wacky moments and tries to re-invent the mythical Santa Clause by introducing various new elements into his folklore. Santa Claus is given a much more personable feel, and this works largely due to Kurt Russell’s irrepressible charm.

You know how some people were born to play a role? Al Pacino as Tony Montana from 'Scarface' or Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt from the 'Mission Impossible'? It feels like Kurt Russell was born to play Santa Claus. Russell’s scorching screen presence simply elevates the film. He has a killer Elvis Presley impression, smooth talks his way through a car chase and just has a lot of fun doing whatever he wants. Kurt Russell, the filmic energizer bunny, brings a level of fantastic comic timing and hilarity that sparkles way more than the film itself. In terms of Iconic performances of Santa Claus’s, Russell’s interpretation of the jolly elf should go down as the most badass ever.

However, you could have mistaken the film to be an age-old production with its formulaic plot and tacky CGI effects. There are logic holes in a plot that attempts to answer some questions with, ‘Santa Claus has magical powers.’ With the script itself full of silly but fun notions coming out of nowhere throughout the film, one should not expect too much from a film with a rough premise. However, it is significant to note that this Netflix production was designed to satiate a specific niche and thus, if taken in an ostensible manner, The Christmas Chronicles provides a warm and delightful Christmas entertainment.


Who needs an Oscar-worthy Christmas movie anyway? The Christmas Chronicles (2018) isn’t all that, but it has its wild moments and that is enough.

-A Just Stream Editorial by Siddharthen R (@cheeeekyponnama)
Instagram Profile - @JustMovieFreaks | Twitter Profile - @JustMovieFreaks

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The Thing & Apollo 13 - Classic Movie Reviews

Classic Movie Reviews is something that I wanted to do for a very long time. They're many movies like The Thing or Halloween that I never watched, but due to the recent changes we went through in our website by posting fewer amounts of movie news or reviews, I'm finding time to watch these iconic films which helped heighten the Hollywood industry to a superior level.

Surprisingly, The Thing which is released back in 1982, did not get proper reception from the audience and from it's 15 million dollar budget it only made 19.6 million and was a quoted as a gory-disgusting film. Over the years, the film garnered a cult following and was applauded for its special effects, cinematography, and direction. Apollo 13, on the other hand, was a blockbuster success accumulating both critical and commercial success on a global scale.

With that being said and done, let's get right into the reviews starting off with John Carpenter's The Thing.

"The Thing" Overall Thoughts / My Rating - 4/5

Set in the frigid weather of Antartica, The Thing tells the story of a group of American Government researchers who were stranded within a trepidation of an extra-terrestrial entity which is causing conflict and taking over the world with it's ungodly and imitation abilities. Presented with its dreadful gory scenes, the special effects in this films were outstanding. From the imagination to the creation and the execution, the gruesome hair-raising scenes in this film gave me chills and honestly that's what made this film so special. Carpenter's ability to capture both beautiful and petrifying shots must be appreciated alongside with the film's remarkably written screenplay. The compacted tension between the characters and the importance of their decision making was explained masterfully and kept the movie moving without any intervals. Overall, The Thing was one-of-a-kind and gave me those nightmarish shudders very often. I'm guessing that we'll never see a movie like this again and I'm happy that I took the time to sit and marvel the brilliance on-screen. 

"Apollo 13" Overall Thoughts / My Rating - 3.75/5

Nominated for over nine Academy Awards, Apollo 13 narrates the real-life story of three astronauts and their unsuccessful mission to the Moon. I've read that director Ron Howard wanted to create technically accurate film and so he employed NASA's technical assistance in astronaut and flight controller training for his cast. And that hard work certainly paid off, this movie is packed with technical jargons and complex terms which are tough to follow. But, Howard did an excellent job narrating the storyline fluently without any pacing issues and by giving the characters time to breathe and develop in few significant scenes. Performances from the complete cast featuring Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton, and Kevin Bacon were outstanding along with Ed Harris and Gary Sinise. Overall, Apollo 13 is an exhilarating and a joyful drama filled with great performances, remarkable narration and splendid directorial work from Ron Howard.

-A Classic Movie Review by Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal) | Website's Twitter Handle - @JustMovieFreaks

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