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Godzilla - Movie Review

Verdict - “A praiseworthy addition to the Godzilla movie series, utterly pragmatic”.

Following the calamitous American adaptation of Emmerich's Godzilla in 98. Gareth Edwards imposing exposition on Godzilla was more lifelike and convincing to all it's original fans and to the normal onlookers.

The world is known for it's innate happenings, flipping through few disastrous events which were happened back in 1954 by a creature named Gojira. The narrative starts when Serizawa (Ken Watanabe) was dazed after finding a gigantic skeleton that was slightly pertinent a to Gojira. Subsequent to that, a titanic eathquake hits Janjira, Japan which upshots a tragic incident in Joe's (Bryan Cranston) family.

Traumatized with the aftermath, Joe continues his research and affirms that government is trying to restrain something from the outside world, as the story progresses, things get severe and unbridled with the outset of few colossal things.

Collaborating all the positives and negatives in the movie, the first act is more complex in it's narrative and didn't hasten for it's own good. The logical facet was plausible without creating an uncertainty factor in the viewers mind.

Trapped with criticism by the audience, in the second act, director Edwards stirred up the environment by enticing all the action sequences and for the most part we didnt't get more of the raging creature and that's slightly an incompetent try by the director.

With an adequate setup for the final showdown, the third act never tainted all my expectations. It was intended to deliver few breathtaking action scenes and it does that by cleverly concluding all the other sub plots. Also the realistic display and the actual inhumane characters of the creatures will conclude your doubt about the whole enormous destruction.

Performances from every single lead were pretty much decent and on a demanding standpoint, Cranston's role was a bit underutilized and minimal for an Emmy award winner. On a technical standpoint, the CGI was spectacular in consort with the sound effects and the background score.

The convincing attribute of director Gareth Edwards remains as the main highlight of the movie. What intrigues me more is the way he shot the entire movie with a human viewpoint that displayed the gigantic monster as a real menace for the entire world.

Ultimately, the movie uniformly impresses on every single prospect and was not overdone to any extent, that may crop up few protests on the movie that it lacked the spine-tingling action sequences. Do not expect a completely jam-packed action-thriller since it's a sensible yet a stimulating take on the character of Godzilla.

My Rating - 3.5/5
Grade - B+ (A perfect weekend pick)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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