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A Flying Jatt - Movie Review

Verdict - "The long wait for a decent Indian Superhero film continues!"

In this modern neoteric era of movies, producing a Superhero film is the most effective decision that a producer can ever take. They're immensely popular and beneficial and in the past few years, we've been presented with more lacklustre Bollywood Superhero films like Krrish 3, Ra. One and the highly unforgiving Mr. X. So, after watching the trailers and promos of A Flying Jatt, I lowered my expectations down and thought that my hopes of watching a solid Indian Superhero film were still far-flung. But! Am I wrong?

In plans of extending his factory area, Malhotra, (Kay Kay Menon) an immoral businessman encounters Aman (Tiger Shroff) and his mum (Amrita Singh) and proposes to buy their property for a good amount. Familiar with his factory toxic pollution Aman's mum rejects Malhotra's offer and warns him not to return back to her premises. Annoyed with the situation, Malhotra warns Aman to look out for his mum which results in him being concerned about his mum's safety and craving for god's help. So, will god acknowledge his prayers by gifting him with super powers? 

Co-written and directed by Remo D'Souza, this film had a genuine primitive vibe surrounded around it. The story of a small town underdog gifted with superpowers overcoming all the odds can easily be titivated and narrated in a splendid way. Instead, we get a storyline that was clumsy, poorly edited and lazily written. The characters look phony and resemble stupidity, the narrative cuts from an inferior emotional scene to our villain screaming his lungs out. Moreover, the sad part is that it tries to recount too many things at the same time from being an action movie to a love story to a film that explains the proud Sikh heritage and to a film that conveys us with an ecological message combined with an intense quote from our very own director.

But even though the film doesn't deliver on a narrative standpoint, it could still be enjoyable if it distracts us on the aspects of action, comedy and music. Although few scenes in the film were genuinely amusing, the action sequences were flat-out boring, blasting out the streets of a small town, throwing out few ridiculous punches with an abundant amount of slow motion doesn't make the film look interesting. Furthermore, the CGI presentation was substandard for the most part and I completely comprehend that it's a budget issue, but they're few limited aspects that would've been easily controllable.

Nevertheless, A Flying Jatt is overall a disappointing film with a clumsy storyline, sluggish narration and sub-par performances. What would've easily been an earnest heartfelt film turned into a plethoric mess with a philosophical message which is not even conveyed appropriately. We deserve a better Superhero film than this!

My Rating - 1.5/5
Grade - D+ (A hangover!)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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Singh is Bliing - Movie Review

Verdict - "Hey Kids! It's a Disaster!"

Strangely, a few days ago, the makers of this movie made clear that "Singh is Bliing" is not a sequel for "Singh is Kinng". Makes sense? Not much! Conversely, I call it as a spin-off that nobody really needs. 

Howbeit, with the Indian Michael Jackson and the dreaded filmmaker Prabhudeva taking the director's seat this time, my expectations were horribly low for this movie and fortunately; it really helped me a lot, cause this movie was straight out awful.

Let's start with the storyline of the movie... Oh, wait! Let me rationalize, was there an eloquent storyline for this movie? How is this movie even being made with a hefty seventy crore budget? It honestly felt like a lazy script with a series of cheesy jokes, nonsensical action sequences, generic romantic and emotional moments and few unbearable songs.

Now, who do we blame for all this? The makers or the director? Firstly, how did the entire team at Grazing Goat Pictures looked at this script and thought it would work? It was a mess! However, on a positive note, cinematography by Dudley was tremendous; he made sure that every shot in the movie appears visually amazing and with a decent amount of production design, the movie didn't at least look bad.

And moreover, when I see Akshay Kumar starring in these sort of futile movies once in a year, I feel bad for him. With Entertainment in 2014, Boss in 2013, Joker and Khiladi 786 in 2013, the list keeps growing, and it ends at no time. On the other hand, Amy Jackson was never given an opportunity to display her acting skills in the movie. She added a lot of glamor to the movie, and her action sequences were tolerable. And Lara Dutta was completely wasted in an insignificant role that didn't mean much to the movie.

Altogether, Singh is Bliing was indeed a train wreck of a movie on every significant standpoint and is without a doubt one of the worst movies of the year. Here's the thing, save your money and spend some quality time with your friends and family or as an alternative watch some good movies like Baby or Special 26 if you're such a big fan of Akshay Kumar. Stay away from this terrible, inferior, abysmal  disaster!

My Rating - 1/5 | Grade - D (Absolutely Awful!)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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Instant Movie Review #23 (Bombay Velvet)

Anurag Kashyap's - "Bombay Velvet"

1) Performances
2) Production work and Set design
3) Music

1) Screenplay and Direction
2) Characters

Introduction: Amid of enormous expectations, Bombay Velvet is purposed to be a blockbuster movie and with all the right elements it converted into a complete bummer. 

Plot: Established by a non-exclusive storyline, which concentrates on the main characters -- Johnny Balraj and Rosie and their adversity in life, the futile screenplay was the most sluggish feature in the movie as it felt tedious to watch.

Analysis: But on a positive note, the production work and the set design in the movie was marvelous and is presented gorgeously on-screen.

Performances: Despite their weak characters, performances from Ranbir, Anushka, and Karan Johar were splendid, but their honest efforts didn't feel adequate for a substandard movie.

Verdict: Nevertheless, Bombay Velvet is a missed opportunity on every standpoint that completely deserves its failure both critically and commercially. Feel happy to skip it!

My Rating - 2/5 | Grade - C (Meh! Probably a rental)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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Haider - Spoiler Movie Review

Verdict - "Enthralling and unsettling. Haider is probably the best movie of 2014".

Walking into this movie, I was completely open minded. I knew nothing about the synopsis of the movie, never watched the trailers nor any of the song previews and judging by the marketing of the movie and the fact that it's going head to head with Bang Bang, I did have a negative notion about the movie. So I was sitting in the theatre, completely with no expectations and by the end of the movie I'm pretty glad about myself for keeping it that way.

Now! I do have numerous reasons about why I loved this movie, but I want to explain them to you in a detailed way. So I settled to go with a semi-spoiler movie review without concentrating much about the plot.

Adapted and inspired by many external sources, Vishal Bharadwaj and Basharat Peer's comprehensive writing and the unnerving facet of the movie was completely mentioning.

That uncertainty factor is always surrounded throughout the narrative part of the movie, you're sitting there hoping it to be good, waiting for something happen and the amazing part is that it keeps you thinking. You rather know where the movie is going but you can't really point out the direction it takes.

Let me get into detail about the "uncertainty" factor in the movie. As actress Tabu said, the mother and son relationship between Haider and Ghazala was totally odd and distinctive. You just can't describe the relationship between the two of them in particular, it always baffles around love, hate, care and assisted in boosting up the characters very well by keeping the befuddling factor alive.

Also the climax of the movie, not only it is one of the best I've seen in a while, it left me with a harrowing stain inside my brain, where I stopped sat down about ten-twenty minutes with a damp feeling that agitated me for a bit. And I like when movies which elevate me to that level of significance.

The other diverse part that blended well with the movie was the humour and I'm quite surprised about how well they executed it. I agree with the fact that fitting in humour in this type of genre was a tough task. It should be intelligent and sharp to pop out instantly. The movie implemented it properly, it never sounded like a throw away line to dislike.

Since it's also based on many true events happened in Kashmir back in the day, this movie was brutal, mainly the climax, it was pretty unsettling because you're extracted into this nefarious atmosphere and it was pretty uneasy to see every character die in the movie.

Coming back to the direction of the movie, this is probably the best I've seen in a while, he never traversed the boundaries of the movie and that really helped the authenticity in the movie. And also the dialogues in the movie are completely unusual, they're facile, whimsical and totally profound.

Regarding the technical aspects of the movie, Pankaj Kumar's exquisite cinematography was astonishing, mainly the graveyard scene in the acme and the wide angle shots used in Bismil song were dazzling to gaze at. Capturing the theme of the movie was a pretty tough task to exhibit and Kumar did a decent job in maintaining it well.

This movie was totally a reconciliation to Shahid's career, his high intensity, emotive responses and the livid persona was mind-boggling. Mostly his scenes with Tabu (who also gave an exceptional performance) were the best out of the bunch. The peculiar chemistry worked out pretty well between them and I confidently say that he deserves an applause for his performance.

Nevertheless, I may have few tiny complaints about the length of the movie or the unhurried first half of the movie. But I do concede that the movie is a slow burn, it only gets better sequentially. I do quote this as "The best movie of the year" because it worked in all departments depicted and also paid a well deserved homage to all it's orginal sources. If you buoy up for an atypical movie, Haider might be the perfect one.

My Rating - 4/5
Grade - A (The best one around!)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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Raja Natwarlal - Movie Review

Verdict - "A thought-provoking heist-thiller, that will leave you ambiguous"

From an actor who tries to do a distinct movie everytime, Raja Natwarlal is everything I expected it to be. Unusual, diverting and stimulating. Is this his best movie ever? No! Atleast it's better than his last two debacles.

Let's simplify the basic plot of the movie. A sympathetic yet enthusiastic fraudster takes retribution on a brainy sadistic millionaire for obvious reasons in an ingenious way which surrounds around the most popular sport in India. In a generic way, it's a conflict between a good and a bad guy. Who wins? Well! *shrugs*.

Now! What really is intriguing about the movie? Not the kissing scenes for sure. Well with all honesty, right into the first twenty minutes of the movie, I was doing the same old horizontal head shake I usually do for almost sixty percent of the movies these days. I don't want it to be generic and conventional. But a turn-around is always expected, it is at that point, when Paresh Rawal entered into the movie, it started enthralling me.

I always admire movies that have a captivating storyline and I appreciate the work of writer-director Kunal Deshmukh here, the movie has every possibility to clear out in a customary way, but he departed with a different direction, the whole subtle construction of the movie was truly intellectual, he kept initiating ideas in my mind, created few clues and finally clinched everything perfectly. And I suddenly started thinking what really happened in the narrative even after the movie. And that is my biggest compliment for this movie, it let me contemplate what the actual plot is.

Negativity! There's always a part in the movie that is cliched. For example, an obvious ending, an unstable start and for the most part you'l start linking the movie to some Hollywood heist-thriller. Oceans Eleven? But in my context, the destructive element of the movie didn't really agitate me to any extent .

Performances were satisfactory by the whole cast in the movie. The characters are a bit atypical, something we usually expect from a heist movie. Good to see Paresh Rawal come back and get an imperative screen-time, same goes to Kay Kay Menon. Humainma Mallick, not so appealing with her looks and that's usually expected from a Kunal Deshmukh movie, a partly attractive woman who is not misused.

Playing a vital role in the movie, the songs were not obligatory for few instances, but it's a Emraan Hashmi movie it's a foremost component we should get along with. Also props to the dialogue writer Sanjay Masoom for few notable lines.

To wrap up, Raja Natwarlal has a thought-provoking storyline that may/may not utterly entertain you. It's a type of movie which bugs for few minutes after it's ending, but when you finally comprehend what the actual movie is all about, you can create an impression that can be either good or bad. Candidly, I liked the movie for the most part, but will I recommend it for everybody? Probably! But I'l be particular about it.

My Rating - 3.25/5
Grade - B (Entertaining! With noticeable flaws)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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