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Love, Simon & Red Sparrow - Double Header Reviews

Hello Movie Freaks! Welcome back to yet another Double Header Review and the last time we did something like this it is for two movies that I enjoyed quite a bit; Den of Thieves and Game Night. But this time, it's different, two diverse films that I'm wanting to see for a very long time. So, let's get right into it.

But, let me stop you right there! You guys know the drill, let's see how well these films performed critically and commercially. Love, Simon made 60.8 million worldwide with a production budget of 10 million and a Rotten Tomatoes score of 91%. Red Sparrow made 151.3 million worldwide from its 69 million production budget and with a Tomatometer score of 47%. 

"Love, Simon" Overall Thoughts / My Rating - 4/5

Directed by Greg Berlanti, Love, Simon stars Nick Robinson in the lead role and is a coming-of-age story of Simon who is gay and is extremely afraid to admit it to his family or his friends because of the circumstances. The film explores the final year of Simon's high school life and his journey through finding love with an anonymous fellow school-mate and at the same time dealing with quite a few obstacles. 

Now, I love coming-of-age films, when they're done right. I still remember watching The Perks of Being a Wallflower back in 2012 or even Paper Towns from 2015 and felling in love with those films instantly. Love, Simon is also one such film I knew I would immediately love mainly because of the vibe it carried throughout the runtime. The simple yet suspenseful storyline, well-written dialogues, witty and emotional scenes, the upbeat songs and background score and the relatable characters made this film super charming, likable and entertaining.

Overall, Love, Simon is easily one of the best films of the year and is a delightful watch in and out. If you're waiting to watch a feel-good movie, make sure to check out this one because it's not often we get a different coming-of-age film centered around a gay.

"Red Sparrow" Overall Thoughts / My Rating - 2/5

Starring Jennifer Lawrence in the lead role, Red Sparrow explores the story of Dominika Egorova, a former ballerina turned spy who is forced to work for the Russian Intelligence and is directed by Francis Lawrence (Hunger Games fame) and co-stars Joel Edgerton along with Matthias Schoenaerts as the supporting cast.

They're a tad too many drawbacks with this movie, so, let's start with the positives. Jennifer Lawrence once again proves why is one of the best Hollywood actors working right now. The demeanor, charisma and the allure that she brings to her character is remarkable and as the standard-bear who is practically present in every single scene she does a good job and keeps the movie despite its numerous flaws. Talking about problems, clocking at 140 minutes, the runtime of this film is lengthy and after a certain point in time, it started to aggravate me because of the storyline which is pretty ordinary. Sure, the suspense of the focal character is maintained until the third act, but the movie is dreary and mundane cause it lost me in the first or the second act itself.

Overall, excluding JLaw's noteworthy performance, Red Sparrow is a disappointment and there is no reason for you to check out this movie unless you bump into it on a late Saturday night. 

-A Double Header Review by Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)
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Dallas Buyers Club – Movie Review

Verdict – “Good story, extraordinary performances”

Based on the true story of Ron Woodroof, a homophobic Electrician and Rodeo Bull Rider, Dallas Buyers Club narrates how the HIV infected people were treated in America during the 1980’s and how one man took the initiative and tried to bring a revolution in the treatment of AIDS virus with the help of his allies, Rayon and Eve.

The realism of the story and characters is the best thing about this movie. The conditions, the things which these characters are going through, the way the people with HIV were treated those days are shown accurately in Dallas Buyers Club. Director, Jean-MarcVallee and the writers Craig Borten and Melisa Wallac crafted a very strong and relevant story.

This movie is one of the rare examples where the performances outshine the story. Matthew McCoughney and Jared Leto were tremendous! Both of them had to loose almost 40 pounds for their respective roles and that was not even the best thing about those characters, it’s their acting and their dedication to portray their roles to perfection.

Matthew changed his career completely past year with Mud, The Wolf of Wall Street and on top of everything Dallas Buyers Club. This is easily his best by far. Jared Leto plays Rayon, a transvestite who is also facing the same complications as Ron. Leto and McCoughney are toe to toe with each other in terms of their performances. Their transformation into these characters is literally unrecognisable. They certainly deserved all the awards they have won so far and I will not be surprised if they win the Academy Awards too.

One more notable character in this movie is Eve, played by Jennifer Garner. She does great as a supporting actor and is not overshadowed by the presence of Matthew and Jared on screen.

The feel of this movie is kind off dirty and dark which just perfectly reflects the situation in which the people suffering from HIV were during the 1980’s. The dialogues are very cleverly written and its impact is enhanced by the perfect delivery of those brilliantly written dialogues by the actors.

Dallas Buyers Club is a brilliant movie and certainly among the top movies of 2013. Its real and its knowledgeable. I highly recommend this movie if you are looking for a good story and some genuine performances as its backbone.

My Rating – 4/5
Grade – A (The best one around!)
-By Chinmay Chawade (@ChinmayChawade)

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