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Dhadak - Honest Movie Review

Verdict - "A Mundane Bollywood Cliché!"

Directed by Shashank Khaitan, Dhadak is an official remake of the critically acclaimed Marathi film Sairat and stars Ishaan Khatter and Janhvi Kapoor in the lead roles. The storyline of the film follows the clichéd love story of teenagers Madhukar and Parthavi where they fall in love with each other despite being ridiculed by a caste-driven society and you can probably envision the remainder of the plot without me elaborating.

Let's discuss the positives, regardless of being slammed by comments about nepotism or favoritism, Ishaan Khatter, and Janhvi Kapoor are consistently impressive throughout the film. Especially, in regards to displaying emotion, firing up quick laughs, expressing innocence and genuinity on his face, Ishaan did an exceptional job bringing life to his character and is indeed a remarkable talent. Janhvi surprised me or perhaps everyone with her decent yet noteworthy performance. Despite a few hiccups during the emotional sequences, she handled herself well all through the film.

Here are the negatives. I haven't seen the original Marathi film Sairat, so, I had zero expectations for Dhadak and walked into the theater knowing nothing about the source material. But, fifteen minutes into the film looking at how the plot is structuring itself, I found myself comfortably predicting the rest of the storyline because it's generic and I'm sure that you'll get the feeling that you've watched the same movie a million times before. The plot had no consequences as the aspect of caste that they're trying to interject did not work especially with an innocuous character like Ashutosh Rana, who plays the antagonist. The entire film was sophomoric as I felt the cringe crawl through my body which eventually made me suffer. It's one of those movies where you'll find murmuring to yourself like "In my stupid teenage years, I have made the same dumb mistake and I regret watching this movie now."

The music and the background score by Ajay-Atul are undoubtedly one of the saving graces of the film as the songs (or maybe the entire movie) were shot and picturized beautifully and the euphonious music made it so much more special to watch.

Overall, Dhadak had a significant message to share in the climax and the superstar kids Ishaan and Janhvi were a delight to watch. But, the generic storyline and the tedious screenplay made it nearly unwatchable as I found myself cringe and regret watching the majority of the film. Nevertheless, it's sad to see Bollywood still trying to beat a dead horse while South Indian Film Industry is busy exploring unorthodox love stories like Arjun Reddy.

My Rating - 2.5/5 | Grade - C+ (It Deserves Your Attention for a While!)
-An Honest Movie Review by Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)
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