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Casablanca & 12 Angry Men - Classic Movie Reviews

"Casablanca (1942)" Overall Thoughts / My Rating - 5/5

“Of all the Gin Joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.” The woman who breaks a man’s heart walks into his bar with her Husband. Casablanca will forever be one of my favourite movies. With the right blend of comedy, action and suspense as well as a tight script, it’s no surprise that Casablanca is one the most well-known movies of its time. The terrific Humphrey Bogart, with his wisecracks and wit, romances Ingrid Bergman, and it’s a love story that is subtle and works very well. Bogart aside, it was wonderful watching Ingrid Bergman play the very conflicted Ilsa Lund, who has to now choose between her Husband and the ex-lover that she presumed to be dead.

The entire movie was littered with quotables and much of it works because of Bogart’s screen presence and his character portrayal of a cynical American with a broken heart. Casablanca was directed very stylishly, you could see the emphasis on Bogart’s quote-heavy monologues or the really sublime quality of the Bogart-Bergman pairing and screen time together. Approximately 75 years since the release of Casablanca, it still remains a gripping romantic noir. Casablanca, A masterpiece!

"12 Angry Men (1957)" Overall Thoughts / My Rating - 5/5

Sharp and Engrossing, 12 Angry Men is a sincere examination of the jury system that may still be relevant today. The plot revolves around 12 jurors who comb through the case files and evidence to declare if the accused, a Puerto Rican boy should be sentenced to death for knifing his father. Though many people have trouble accepting the concept of “reasonable doubt” which is the belief that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. There was no action in this film, only strong body language, tension from the dialogues and a clash of personalities. I always liked the idea of a movie is shot in just one room or at one location throughout and I’m pretty sure that 12 Angry Men was one of the pioneers of the concept. Who knew debating evidence could be this fun? 12 Angry Men, Absorbing.

-A Classic Movie Review by Siddharthen R (@cheeeekyponnama)
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