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Tomorrowland - Movie Review

Verdict - "A visual extravaganza."

Perhaps the concept of a futuristic world can be scary, will the humanity able to prevail or will their be an ominous end? Inquiring on a supreme pioneering outlook, Tomorrowland is directed by Brad Bird and stars George Clooney, Britt Robertson and Raffey Cassidy in the lead roles.

With an immense aspiration to travel to the stars, Casey Newton (a nerd who loves to explore intergalactic things) finds an unfamiliar pin in her personal items and when she attempts to touch it, she was taken to a whole new incredible ultra modern world out of the blue. 

Startled by the occurrences, Casey starts to investigate further details about the pin to a point where she meets Frank Waller, who happens to know everything about the pin and it's context.

Primitively, this movie is a brainteaser, mostly like a jigsaw puzzle that we need to solve simultaneously with the flow. And I applaud the screenwriters, Brad Bird, and Damon Lindelof for the maintaining the suspense for a good amount of time that made the viewer much more enthusiastic about the outcome.

But the most vital aspect while advancing the story or the suspense in the movie was the conclusion. It should appreciate the narrative and make the entire movie comprehensible. However, the third act was entirely unsatisfying for me as a viewer, as I never expected things to derail abruptly.

On a positive note, I can say that the originality and the presentation of the movie were mind-boggling. It was not a re-hashed material nor an adult novel adaptation, it was innovative and authentic by breaking new ground for many investigations.

The visuals were entirely enthralling and delightful to watch. And the quick glimpse at our offbeat future creates many memorable spectacles throughout the movie.

Performances from Britt Robertson and Clooney were commendable in the movie. Robertson brought a different side of her and proved that she can handle a complete movie without any distress. Raffey Cassidy is yet another stand-out star, as her performance was quite splendid.

On the whole, Tomorrowland is a visual masterpiece that presents a staggering spectacle about our incredible future. It was not up to scratch on a narrative standpoint but satisfies the viewer by displaying as an amazing extravaganza.

My Rating - 3.25/5
Grade - B (Entertaining with few noticeable flaws!)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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Instant Movie Reviews #1 (That Awkward Moment & The Monuments Men)

Tom Gormican - "That Awkward Moment"

Plot: Occupied and unfulfilled with their own personal relationships. Jason, Daniel & Mikey, the three waggish teenage friends vow for an unfeasible oath to stay single for a certain period of time. Concerned with few other intimate reasons, did they adhere to their promise? Find out in That Awkward Moment.

1) Music
2) The Cast & Performances
3) Humour
4) Chemistry between the leads

1) Witless storyline
2) Asymmetrical screenplay
3) Sloppy direction

Analysis: I generally label these kinda movies as a guilty pleasure, where it's decently bad but then again you still enjoy watching it. That Awkward Moment falls into that certain category where it has no specific target to stretch out and only concentrates in relishing the present moment.

The story don't really wind-up rapidly and it feels choppy in it's approach. But on a convincing standpoint, the three main leads (Efron, Teller & Jordan) were absolutely amusing and they positively enjoyed playing the fussy-unfussy characters in the movie.

Final Thoughts: That Awkward Moment can be an enjoyable movie if you don't really bother about the essential attributes of the movie. Watch it if you're planning a late night boys reunion and you'l definitely have a lot of fun.

My Rating - 2/5
Grade - C+ (Meh! Probably a rental)

George Clooney's - "The Monuments Men"

Plot: In the course of World War II, Lt. Stokes (George Clooney) was allotted on a mission to recover all the historic art and sculptures from the Nazi realm, were he was sent into the war zone along with a group of other talented grandees.

1) The cast
2) Storyline
3) Production & Cinematography
4) Music

1) Insipid screenplay
2) Lack of character development
3) Direction
4) Unamusing jokes

Analysis: As I listed out above, the movie had an incredible cast with an extremely fascinating storyline surrounding the incidents during World War II. But regrettably the narration falls apart with it's lackluster screenplay, the scenes don't really connect to each other and they really feel lifeless and insignificant. The lack of character development clobbered the movie for the most part and with an enormous extent of A listed actors it doesn't really movie responsibly. Director George Clooney had to be blamed!

Final Thoughts: Unlike all other historic movies we've seen in the past, Monuments Men falls short in every imperative aspect. But on a lighter note, it's not a catastrophic attempt which can be enjoyed privately on a television screen.

My Rating - 2.5/5
Grade - C+ (It deserves your attention for a while!)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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Gravity - Movie Review

Verdict: “A Visualistic Masterpiece In Every Aspect .”

If you're a genuine movie lover, Gravity never confiscates your attention out of it; you'll get glued to the breathtaking cinematic experience and finally comprehend that it's a masterpiece. 

Directed by Alfonso Cuaron, Gravity explains the narrative of two astronauts who are on a space mission trying to fix some hitches. Suddenly things go wrong, and they need to abort the mission immediately and get back to their space station. 

Now! I'm looking forward to Gravity, the trailers blew me away, and my expectations were extremely high. Did it reach up to my expectations? Yes! It was beyond everything I expected it to be, technically and visually. And undoubtedly one of the best theatre experiences I've had this year.

Alfonso Cuaron's technique in delivering a catastrophic space movie has to be appreciated. The shots in space, in particular, were astounding and gorgeous to watch. Mainly the opening shot which lasted like about 15 minutes was a visual splendor. And what impressed me the most, is that he left much more room for character development which was quite a thing to fit into a 90 minute fast paced movie. Every shot was handled with care, and I'm amazed at the fact that the whole film was shot behind a green screen.

Cinematography by Emmanuel Lubezki was noteworthy. The long takes with rotating camera technique is brilliant, quite a hectic job to imagine things around and move with the characters. Emmanuel does it with extreme ease, and there was no single moment that I felt that the camera work was disturbing. Extraordinary work!

Visuals in the movie are astonishing, undeniably the best I've seen till date. Every shot was crystal clear and pragmatic, mainly the visuals of the earth are an absolute treat to watch. A must watch in IMAX 3D; you'll ultimately love it!

Sandra Bullock is terrific in the movie, her character was beautifully crafted with much needed high emotional value, and she indeed outplayed it well in critical timings. An Oscar-worthy performance. George Clooney was decent in his minimal screen presence and stood as a backbone to Bullock's character.

To conclude, Gravity is a masterpiece in every aspect and is a complete inspiration for visualistic movies. Unquestionably, the best film of the year till date and I hope that it'll stay on my #1 spot by the end of the year. I'm going big and healthy; I'm giving five out of five stars to Gravity.

My Rating - 5/5 | -By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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