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Little Things S2 Review: Sweet-Tempered and Engaging

Starring – Dhruv Sehgal and Mithila Palkar
Genre – Comedy/Romance
Streaming Platform – Netflix 

Introduction: Have you had one of those moments when you keep talking about buying something too much and when you actually buy it, you realise that it's not something as great as you were talking about? Well, Little Things Season 1 was something which was extremely well received by the audience and evidently, the expectations for the second season were sky high. But all these hopes may have ruined an otherwise uncomplicated yet beautiful love story. 

People were maybe asking for all these improvements and modifications from it that they forgot to recognise the message and the innocent love depicted in the entire web series. The second season focuses on more sensitive issues of a relationship like ego, self-doubt and emotional dependency, unlike the first season which was more about honesty, fun and communication. 

Rationalization: Nevertheless, there are scenes where you have surprising twists and which explain more about the two main characters individually but I guess it was responsible for laying a stronger base to their relationship. Dhruv and Mithila are a really cute pair to watch on screen and their chemistry makes the situations in the plot much more relatable and comprehensible. There are a few new characters inspired from all our lives and relationships and it's easy to identify the depth and intensity of the script even when it looks like a facile and simple screenplay. The climax is the best part and the tiny anecdotes from each episode are rebound to make your heart warm. 

Conclusion: Overall, the entire season is sweet-tempered and engaging with forming another list of #RelationshipGoals, and if you watch it with no expectations and an open mind, you are definitely going to enjoy it.

-A Just Stream Editorial by Nikitha Kashyap aka WW
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