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The Nun - Honest Movie Review

Verdict - "Terrible Justice to an Intriguing Character!"

Directed by Corin Hardy, The Nun is the new spin-off movie which is part of the 'Conjuring Universe' after last year's smash hit 'Annabelle: Creation' and stars Taissa Farmiga and Demián Bichir in the lead roles. The movie takes place in 1952 Romania, where Sister Victoria hangs herself to death trying to escape from a demonic entity, Valak, who we all know and love from the 'Conjuring 2'. Later, the administration at the Vatican dispatches their loyal representatives Father Burke, and Sister Irene to investigate the suicide at the abbey and shortly after their arrival, they discover daunting spirits stalking them during the night, as things start to flip-flop around them at a rapid pace.

Now, let me give you guys a little prelude, 'Conjuring 2' was one of the most daunting theatre experiences I've ever had, and unsurprisingly, Valak (The Demonic Nun) haunted my dreams for two weeks and still continues to do so. Therefore, walking into The Nun, I was prepared and ready to welcome her back to turn my dreams into nightmares with her not-so adorable face and demeanour. To make a long story short, I was not only scared to see The Nun but also equally terrified of these hysterically laughing, seat kicking, loud talking, popcorn crunching chumps who tend to spoil almost every horror movie experience for me. But, surprisingly, two things happened, the college kids who sat behind me were amazingly well behaved, and the movie didn't panic me at all, cause it's horrible.

Let me explain, one of the primary reasons why people anticipate for Horror Movies is for the chilling experience. Consequently, plenty of elements like a good storyline, unsettling background score, remarkable performances and masterful direction factor in to make a Horror Film unnerving and memorable. 'Conjuring 1 and 2', along with Ari Aster's recent film 'Hereditary' were great examples of exceptional Horror Dramas. 

However, The Nun fizzles to impress in almost every aspect, the storyline was mundane, nonsensical and an abhorrent introduction to the character of Valak loaded with goalless scenes, absurd subplots, and maniacal Nuns walking in and out-of-frame every time. The jump scares felt like a heap of screeching sounds that are annoying and easily predictable. The characters were pretty much the prototypal ones you'll see in every horror drama, and Taissa Farmiga at least tried to give her best and is the only shining light in a very dark uninteresting film.

Furnished with a dreary storyline and lacklustre screenplay, The Nun is a combination of mindless jump scares, horrible dialogue, and had done terrible justice to an intriguing character, who is Valak. All I saw was a myriad of Nuns slowing walking into darkness and jumping out of nowhere demonically. A casual evening watch at best!

My Rating - 2/5 | Grade - C (Meh! Probably a Rental!)
-An Honest Movie Review by Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)
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