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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - Honest Movie Review

Verdict - "A Mundane and A Disappointing Film!"

Directed by J. A. Bayona, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is the sequel to the highly successful 2015 film Jurassic World which grossed 1.6 billion worldwide and revitalized the franchise back to its glory. The sequel stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard reprising their respective roles along with Rafe Spall and Justice Smith as the supporting cast.

Soon after the events of the first film, Isla Nublar is now the resort of a raging volcano and the government is in a dilemma whether to save the dinosaurs or let them succumb with the catastrophe. After the adverse decision by the authority, Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), who is now running a campaign to save the ancient spices receives an excellent offer from Benjamin Lockwood who articulates that the beings can be carted to different and a more safer island. Shortly afterwards, Claire finds herself in trouble along with her friends and Owen (Chris Pratt) who joins her for help.

As expected, the film starts off with on a higher note with dinosaurs being stranded on Isla Nublar. The visuals looked fantastic, the action scenes felt exhilarating and certainly dark and emotional. Soon after the first act, the film took a nosedive into the atrocious land and never even tried to retreat from its mistakes. 

That's when the horrendous storyline and writing job by Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly came into the picture. It felt that the script became lazy as the entire another half of the movie takes place in a mansion where nothing interesting happens, tries to make an uninteresting generic villain work and also aims to insert a subplot with a child which was unwarranted. The entire movie was predictable and everything excluding the first act was mundane to watch.

The film's sound design was fantastic, sitting in a DOLBY ATMOS theatre with surround sound I felt the cinematic experience more convenient to me and Giacchino's background score was off-the-roof. Performances from the complete cast were decent as I felt that the characters had nothing much to do in this film and were easily forgettable after the movie.

Overall, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is a bummer in terms of writing and delivering an enjoyable film. As the fifth film in the Jurassic franchise, I expected something more than a blatant adventure film as it is by far the most disappointing films I've seen this year.

My Rating - 2/5 | Grade - C (Meh! Probably a Rental!)
-An Honest Movie Review by Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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1. The Infinity Stones: Where Are They Now?

As of the release of Thor: Ragnarok (2017), five of the six Infinity Stones have surfaced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Space Stone (also known as the Tesseract) was first revealed in Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), and now resides with Loki. The Mind Stone, which was housed in Loki's staff until Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), and now is in the possession of Vision. The Power Stone, first seen in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), is under control of the Nova Corps. The Reality Stone (also known as the Aether) was first seen in Thor: The Dark World (2013), and was placed in the care of the Collector. With the destruction of the Collector's Vault in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), its whereabouts are unclear. The fifth and final known stone, the Time Stone (also known as the Eye of Agamotto), was revealed in Doctor Strange (2016) and is under his protection in Kamar-Taj. The whereabouts of the sixth stone, the Soul Stone, is unknown and may appear in this movie.

2. A Little Context Before You Watch the Movie 

It has been confirmed by the Russo brothers that what happened in Captain America: Civil War (2016) will still continue in this movie where the teams will still be divided. The film will conclude the Thanos and the Infinity Stones story arc, and the plot will follow the Avengers joining forces with the Guardians of the Galaxy to stop Thanos from destroying the universe with the six Infinity Stones.

3. The Dope New Shield: Made in Wakanda

Steve Rogers wields a new shield in this film, made from Wakandan Vibranium, that splits apart into two arm guards. This is based on two different shields Rogers wielded in the comics: one shield was provided by the Black Panther, and the other split apart into two guards. The tech reflects his surroundings, apparently made of vibranium — the same rare naturally occurring meteoric ore that Black Panther’s suit is made of — which derives from the African nation. And according to the recent reveal that Shuri is the tech genius behind her brother’s superhero gadgetry, it’s pretty safe to say that Cap’s new gauntlet shield was invented by the Princess of Wakanda herself.

4. Hey Thor! How About a New Hammer!?

Having lost his hammer Mjolnir in Thor: Ragnarok (2017), Thor constructs a new hammer in this film, known as Stormbreaker. Stormbreaker is named for the Asgardian hammer given to Thor's comrade Beta Ray Bill. It is a war hammer-ax, based on the Marvel Ultimate Mjolnir.

5. The White Wolf < The Winter Soldier

Entertainment Weekly confirmed that Bucky Barnes will go by the code name 'White Wolf' in Avengers: Infinity War, as he was referred to by the children of Wakanda in the after credit scene in Black Panther (2018). White Wolf in the comics was T'Challa's adopted brother Hunter who was the leader of Wakanda's secret police: The Hatut Zeraze.

Sources and Writing Credits - IMDB and Nerdist. (Thanks)

-A Top 5 List by Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal) | Website's Twitter Handle - @JustMovieFreaks

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Instant Movie Review #25 (Jurassic World)

Colin Treverrow's - "Jurassic World"

1) Storyline
2) Characters 
3) Direction
4) Action Sequences
5) Performances

1) Sub-plots and Dumb Character Moments 

Introduction: It's been 22 years since we have seen a good Jurassic Park movie. After an inferior response for the sequels in 97 and 2001, will Jurassic World turn into an astounding movie that we're waiting for?

Plot: Despite the uncertainty factor, Isla Nublar is now a fully-fledged theme park with a deteriorating feedback. But things go terribly wrong when a new cooked-up attraction backlashes with rage.

Analysis: Honestly, this is the best sequel after Jurassic Park in many ways. The characters were well-developed, the storyline felt significant and the action sequences were astounding. 

But at times, the pointless sub-plots and few dumb character moments made the movie a little underwhelming. 

Verdict: Overall, Jurassic World is a fun movie going experience that cannot be missed.

My Rating - 3.5/5
Grade - B+ (A perfect weekend pick!)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

Jurassic World - Posters and Stills: Click here

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Guardians of the Galaxy - Movie Review

Verdict - "Does Justice to the Term 'Summer Movie Blockbuster'"

One imposing component about Guardians of the Galaxy is that by the end of the movie you will fall in love with these non-human characters which was feasibly unforseeable.

In an abridged way, the main plot of the film surrounds around a MacGuffin that formulates a combat between a group of outlaws led by Star Lord and a group of mercenaries led by the peril menacer Ronan The Accuser.

As I stated earlier, the movie was a total surprise when it comes to the characters and I'm utterly pleased about the screenplay of the movie, screenwriters James Gunn and Nicole Perlman carried out the movie perfectly by setting up the characters, prolonging the storyline and most prominently making us enthuse and enlive each and every aspect of the movie.

Also the foremost strength of the movie was it's humour and it actually succeeded each and every single time. I'l explain you why, the amusement cog is not only about characters randomly cracking jokes, it's also about the humour which was filled with silence and pop out with a single expression. Guardians delivers at that level, and I'm actually contented by it.

And the best thing is that the movie didn't take itself seriously, which grasps my attention to director James Gunn's, who did an astounding job by amending the movie well with a light-hearted approach and I appreciate Marvel Studios and Kevin Fiege for actually letting the movie create an unique and fresh impression in people's mind.

The movie had few snags here and there, and this has been my major complaint of all the Marvel movies (Avengers excluded), the antihero facet is always been a letdown. In Guardians, the build up and the presentation of Ronan was remarkable, but did he pose as an amazing character? I would say no! Also the story is a bit generic and I understand the reason why, being a primary onset of the franchise, the storyline did what it needs to do.

It was overall flawless with the performances in the movie. Chris Pratt portrayal was composed and placid, been given a major role in the franchise, he stood up to all the expectations and resided his character in a safe place. I was a bit sceptical about Dave Bautista's performance and he filled life into his character and was very impressive for a wrestler turned actor.

Zoe Saldana's character was a bit underwhelming and I felt she was a bit underutilised and was wasted in many ways. Her appalling love tier with Peter Quill tells you her importance in the movie.

Rocket and Groot voiced by Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel were the most stimulating characters in the movie. Their chemistry, humour and the slice of the action were the most gratifying parts of the movie, as I didn't mind of them being a computer generated animals.

Also the CGI in the movie was lively and wholesome. The wide range of vibrant colors used in the movie was a definitely an eye-candy and there's nothing amazing to watch in the 3D format. Better prefer 2D!

Nevertheless, Guardians of the Galaxy is a surprising gift box filled with all the necessary elements of action, emotion and humour which perfectly sums up the term "Summer Movie Blockbuster". It sets up the storyline flawlessly for the Marvel cinematic universe and builds it's own place high above on the best Marvel movies chart.

My Rating - 3.75/5
Grade - B+ (Highly Entertaining)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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The LEGO Movie – Movie Review

Verdict – “The LEGO movie is a blast of creativity and awesomeness!”

After watching Toy Story 3 I was convinced that any animated movie which will be made in the future will not be as good or even get close to it. But now we have The LEGO movie, which is surprisingly brilliant in every aspect and has that amazing Toy Story-ish feel.

Emmet is mistakenly identified as the “Special One” when he possesses the only weapon which can stop the evil President Business from gluing the entire universe with “Kragle”. He and his friends, which includes some of the most iconic characters we know and love such as Vitruvius, Batman, Unikitty, Wally and Wyldstyle, now has to fight against the evil and save the universe from getting glued permanently.

I went in to see this movie with very low expectations and was startled to see how fantastic it was by the time it concluded. The negatives about this movie are very less, actually they are pretty much non-existent. Except for one small scene in the climax everything in the movie is relevant. If they have had a different approach for that particular situation, this could be an utterly flawless movie. You will know the scene which I am referring to after you watch the movie.

There cannot be only one best thing about this movie. The creativity and dedication of all the artists in different departments adds up perfectly and the result is what we got, a remarkable movie which hits you directly in the heart. Everything in this movie universe is made of LEGO blocks even the fire, water, smoke and well, literally all the things.

Cinematographers, Barry Peterson and Pablo Plaisted, worked very hard for this movie. All the scenes are perfectly framed and despite of so much happening at the same time on the screen it does not seem over crowded. Some of the locations and visuals are just jaw-dropping and you will be left wondering about how they even created it.

The voice performances are superb by everyone in the cast! My personal favourite is Good Cop/Bad Cop voiced by Liam Nesson who is like the right hand of President Business. His voice is unrecognisable and also surprising in a way.Chris Pratt was perfect as the voice of Emmet. The immature quirkiness which was required to play Emmet was handled very well by Chris.

A few names who also gave great performances are Will Arnett as Batman, Alison Brie as Unikitty, Charlie Day as Manny (a 1980 something space guy!) and of course, Will Ferrell as President Business. There are some amazing special appearances by some of the most beloved characters on film. So do not even blink your eyes for once because then you will miss the cameos of the characters who might be your favourites.

This movie is essentially made for adults with only some elements which kids will tend to like. Most of the jokes can only be understood by adults or someone who is familiar with all the characters in the movie.

The LEGO movie is a very rare movie, not many movies like this get made very often. If I find 6-7 movies this year which are better than the LEGO movie, then this is going to be an amazing year for the movies. No matter what your age is, you will enjoy this movie to its complete extent.

My rating – 4.5/5
Grade – A+ (Don't dare to miss it!)
–By Chinmay Chawade (@ChinmayChawade)

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