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Exodus: Gods and Kings - Movie Review

Verdict - "Exodus is an amazing spectacle with a distressing screenplay."

Are biblical movies starting to perk up? So far, 2014 is been a bulgy year for theological genre and it just got better with movies like Noah, Son of God and now Exodus. In the interest of Ridley Scott directing this movie, my expectations are pretty high and I'm totally unaware with the source material.

With Hebrews held captive and treated as slaves for almost 400 years under the Egyptian Kings, the Hebrew God has an answer by the form of Moses (Christian Bale) who is an audacious chief under an egotistical and smug King Ramses (Joel Edgerton). In due course, Moses learns that he is a Hebrew and starts a rebellion in conjunction with the Hebrews against the Egyptian Empire with the guidance of his illusory messenger sent by God.

We'l kick off with one of my biggest problems of the movie, the screenplay. Don't get me wrong, I do understand that the complete first act assembles the plot, characters and all the essential things needed for the second act. But you will surely experience the emptiness in the script. The scenes abruptly end and we don't get to learn more about the characters. The melodramatic sequences start to bore and the hostile elements turns tiresome to watch. And I do believe this only chief factor that costed the movie.

However, the movie restores itself quickly and the whole second and third act had few exciting moments to cheer about. The ten devastating plagues were displayed magnificently and the final showdown didn't let me down. And that's the main attribute of the movie, it was a spectacle but when it comes to dialogues and screenplay it was mediocre.

This was moderately a superior movie from Ridley Scott when compared to his previous work after American Gangster. It didn't even get as far as Gladiator, but they're few sequences in the movie which should be valued and appreciated. Mostly, the production work and the CGI were satisfactory. Being a majestic extravaganza with wide shots and enthralling visuals, Ridley Scott and his crew did a fantastic job in delivering what is needed.

Christian Bale was extremely good as the topmost lead in the movie, his charisma, acting skills and star quality upheld the movie to a great extent. He delivered his best in every single frame and made the character believable even though it lacked the developmental shell. Joel Edgerton rendered a tough competition too, his conceited character and his nervy charm added that extra ingredient to hate him easily whenever we see him on-screen. And that's an accomplishment!

On the whole, Exodus: Gods and Kings was a fascinating experience, it surely respects the three dimensional format and is clearly a fun movie to watch in theatres. But if you're looking for a great story telling tale like Gladiator, you'l definitely get disappointed. This movie fails in the writing department but had few redeeming elements to look at.

My Rating - 3.25/5
Grade - B (Entertaining! With few noticeable flaws)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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Instant Movie Reviews #3 (Need for Speed & Non Stop)

Scott Waugh's - "Need for Speed"

1) Action Sequences & Spectacular Pursuits
2) Cinematography
3) Direction
4) BGM

1) Indolent screenplay
2) Goofy scenes
3) Pointless characters

Analysis: Hot pursuits, fast cars, aggravating cops seems to be a notorious scenario. But in NFS it gets real and exhilarating, that maybe the only reason I'm pleased about this movie alot. Crossing out the word FAKE in his realm, director Scott Waugh had delivered an authentic action movie by missing the mandatory component which is the story and screenplay. I would call it a disaster when it comes to the tedious storyline and the unwitty dialogue. Few characters and scenes were inane and it just takes the obligatory part of the movie from bad to worse.

Final Thoughts: Need for Speed is enjoyable, only if you're interested in watching your favourite s.fashionable cars drifting all over the place which absolutely makes no sense.

My Rating - 2/5

Jaume Collet-Serra - "Non Stop"

1) Conspicuous storyline

1) Indigent climax
2) Unintentional scenes

Analysis: Liam Neeson as a badass once again! It never gets old. Delimited with a known repercussion of a posible hijack, director Jaume Collet-Serra crafted a stimulating piece of cinema which was "attention-grabbing" for every brief moment and I'm really immersed into the movie. Obliterating it's poor climax and over-the top action sequences, Non Stop doesn't disappoint to any extent for a normal moviegoer.

Final Thoughts: I would definitely recommend Non Stop, just as an insouciant watch which can be enjoyable on a boring afternoon. Is this something silly? Absolutely! But it's overall a gratifying movie and we should appreciate it!

My Rating - 3/5
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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