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Top 5 Overrated South Indian Actresses

More than Bollywood, South Indian Actresses were considered as an eye-candy or more of an after thought in every other movie. With limited opportunities to really shine like the Lady Superstar Nayanthara, Anushka Shetty and Trisha Krishnan, they're quite a few overrated or supremely hyped actresses in South India. So, here's my Top 5 List (which will hopefully not offend any die-hard fan out there).

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5. Samantha Akkineni

Now, before you accuse me of overrating a good actress, I'm not judging her character or her status, I'm only mentioning her choices of movies and her skills displayed. Having her voice dubbed (sometimes) takes away half the intensity and impact from her dialogue delivery and playing the repeated sidekick whose part can be completely deleted from the movie (and it wouldn't make a difference) doesn't help much either. But, thanks to her looks, decent acting and dancing skills she stayed in the industry long enough to become famous. The only reason shes overrated is that of the lack of diversity in her acting as well as her selection of roles which is too normal to be given any extra credit. Besides that, her movies like 'Nee Thaane En Ponvasantham' and 'Eega' were impressive which is why she still holds on to all those fans today. 

4. Anu Emmanuel

If there is an actress whose luck is envied by others its Anu Emmanuel. She has been in the industry for almost six years now, but, unfortunately remains a mediocre preference for her performances. An actress is expected to be on point with her facial expressions and voice modulations all the time, and that is exactly what Anu Emmanuel has misinterpreted. Considering that shes American, it might have been tough for her to understand our line of films and performances.

But, as I mentioned before, her luck and looks, mainly played the role in bagging her some good movies, not forgetting to mention her boldness on screen. But, being bold on-screen itself seems overrated and hence she is too. She hasn't been labelled as an eye candy yet, so hopefully, she realizes that and make better choices in the future.

3. Kajal Aggarwal

You guys probably know about the female cat in Tom and Jerry; appears once in a fortnight, dances her way with all the grace and style and distracts both of them from entertaining us. Kajal is definitely that cat from the show, who ends up at the wrong place at the most interesting times, distracting both the hero and the audience from the main plot. Her dances and dreary performances are too lazy to pay attention to, but, inevitable to ignore like her performances in 'Thuppakki', 'Maattrraan' or 'Vivegam' for instance. A few films were amazing but barely reflected her contribution although she gained critical appreciation for 'Do Lafzon Ki Kahaani'. Enclosing, I'd like to say that Kajal has tons of potential to showcase her skill, but, that can only be seen if the directors realise that and give her better scripts instead of casting her as the unwanted female cat in every other movie and wasting her skillset.

2. Rashmika Mandanna

Welcome the Zarine Khan of Sandalwood (and Tollywood). The one who is supposed to be an example of a bad actress. But, she can dance and her face is so cute! let's make her the National sensation ignoring all the good ones around just for that! I still fail to realise how Rashmika got her overnight fame taking in context, her recent and rather awful performances. Now, I'm not bashing her, but clearly, she is overrated. People who like her probably didn't notice that she can't speak or move an inch of her face except for that smile which we will eventually get bored of. Her movies are quite mediocre (considering that I also failed to understand why 'Geetha Govindam' was such hit excluding Vijay Deverakonda's performance).

There is a reason why I didn't compare her to Katrina Kaif is that Katrina can dance and does heavy gymnastics. That isn't a talent to be shown off in Bollywood but is definitely a noteworthy skill. Well, at least she has some skills unlike the person in reference here. Besides smiling and being goofy, I don't see anything better in her performances which is really tiresome and after her marriage controversy, people are expecting something worth their attention from her and its all in her hands to shape her career in a better way.

1. Amy Jackson

As always, there surely is, a #1 in this list as well and it's none other than...[drumrolls]..Amy Jackson! Her career graph will always remain a mystery to me. So, let me be specific, she does not know the language, she is not good at expressing any emotion, she probably doesn't understand the plot of the movies she is cast in, but most of all, how she gets all those top rated directors to sign her alongside such megastars will never be understood by people like us. Being British, she rather got a warm welcome from Kollywood through 'Madrasapattinam (2010)' and guess what?

After all these years of striving in the industry, she has learnt absolutely nothing! Her performances are paler than ever, her other skills like dancing or crying haven't improved even slightly and her expressions are out of question! But, '2.0' is coming up folks! She plays a robot Barbie in it; how convenient. Shankar finally found a role made for her. So yet again, we cheer, lead on and shower heart emojis all over her. 'Thangamagan' and 'Ek Deewana Tha' were only marks of her lacking hard work and talent and for 'The Villain', I still have no words to say. But, she barely has to be worried about anything because of all the attention and opportunities that directors, as well as people, will continue to pour on her. But, just so you didn't realise earlier, Amy Jackson is overrated.

-A Top 5 List by Nikitha Kashyap aka WW
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