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Bahubali: The Beginning - Movie Review

Verdict - "A game-changer! Bahubali deserves the word 'epic'."

Three years in making, two years of high anticipation and with a colossal hype wrapped around it, Bahubali is the biggest motion picture from India with an inflated price tag of 175 crores. With a protracted narrative structure of nearly five hours, the film was divided into two parts -- The Beginning and The Conclusion. But with a mixture of an audience throughout India who incline towards a quick finale will "Bahubali - The Beginning" astonish and amaze a common and a diehard movie fan who had been waiting for more than a year.

The storyline evolves around this warrior group trying to extricate princess Devasena (Anushka Shetty) who was held captive for years under the malicious leader named Bhallala Deva (Rana Daggubati). On the other hand, Sivudu (Prabhas), a valiant and a heroic chap who was swayed by the elegance of the warrior girl Avantika (Tamannaah) joins the army to free the princess all alone. Will he triumph over? And what is the significant truth behind Sivudu's exalted past?

Here are my few complaints! Judging by the synopsis above, the storyline of this movie was not spectacular and certainly not what I expected it to be. It's simple, straightforward and conventional. The screenplay was a bit stale in the first half as it never felt exhilarating, the process of rescuing Devasena was also quite mind-numbing.

The most significant and the imposing attribute of the movie were the special effects as they looked mind-boggling. Particularly, they're a few eye-popping scenes in the first fifteen and the last thirty minutes of the movie, that were enthralling and jaw-dropping to watch. 

Subsequently, K. K. Senthil Kumar's amazing cinematography and Sabu Cyril's awe-inspiring production design bolstered as the backbone of the movie. The set designs looked authentic and meticulous as it sustained the precise vibe that is needed for an epic film.

Also, M.M. Keeravani's music elevated the movie to the next level with its ostentatious presentation. Every single note in the BGM resided flawlessly with the situation and it was a perfect match.

Prabhas and Rana were the perfect fits in their respective roles, they appeared intrepid and stout in carrying their characters throughout the movie and it completely looked plausible with these valiant actors in the lead roles. 

Tamannaah felt like she was entirely overdoing her character and that made her performance look artificial. Anushka was only given a single moment to shine in the movie and the build for her character in the second part was perfectly done.

Ramya Krishnan astonished me with her commanding performance in the movie. Her character felt very critical, real and I felt that it certainly is one of the most powerful female characters I've seen in Tollywood cinema for a while. Satyaraj was given a vital role and he always gives out the best in every movie he's in and it was a pleasure watching him perform.

Is SS Rajamouli is arguably the only director in India who is capable of making these type of big budget epic movies? Over the years, he gained a lot of trust and respect throughout India that made him one of the most popular directors in the country. And with a director who is sincere towards his work and with a lot of credibility under his belt, things would never go wrong and they never did (except for the story and screenplay). All the points I mentioned above about the performances, CGI, music, etc. would've never been astounding without Rajamouli and I'm sincerely humbled for the immense hard work that he put into this movie.

Nonetheless, Bahubali is surely a game-changer in Indian cinema and is unlike any other epic film you've seen before. The movie takes us to a whole new different world with its breathtaking visuals and impressive production work. We should be very grateful for Rajamouli for attempting this project that will remain as a special film in the history books.

-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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