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Pyaar Prema Kaadhal - Instant Movie Review #41

Elan’s – "Pyaar Prema Kadhal"

1) Songs
2) Background Score
3) Cinematography
4) Performances

1) Unvarying plot

Introduction – Directed by the newcomer Elan, Pyaar Prema Kadhal revolves around the urban I.T employees Sree (Harish Kalyan) and Sinduja (Raiza Wilson). Sree hails from a conservative middle-class family while Sinduja is broad-minded and has an uber-cool Dad (Anand Babu), who is a ballet teacher. Sree falls in love with Sinduja and wants to start a family with her whilst Sinduja wants to pursue her dream of opening a restaurant in Los Angeles, California. Despite the difference in their opinions and belief, they decide to move in together. How did they compromise their dream and desire, and marry each other forms the rest of the plot?

Analysis – Pyaar Prema Kadhal is a new age urban love story, which addresses the concept of casual sex, living together and the idea of not having a child unless a couple could afford their future. Though the concept of live-in relationships was conceptualized before in Mani Ratnam’s recent movie OK Kanmani, what makes Pyaar Prema Kadhal unique is the profound screenplay. Though it has the cheesy romance and repetitive scenes, Director Elan and Yuvan Shankar Raja made the movie look fresh and pleasing. Technically, the film scores well in cinematography and post-production work with a wide range of colors captured beautifully.  Yuvan Shankar Raja’s euphonious songs and background score were the biggest positives for the film, making it musically rich, sweet-sounding and kindle the emotions in us.

Performances – Harish Kalyan and Raiza Wilson were perfect as the urban couple. Interestingly, both the actors were contestants of Bigg Boss Tamil S1 and received huge fan following ever since, which was another reason for the movies pre-release hype. I personally liked Anand Babu’s act as Sinduja’s father and also he showed his talent as a ballet teacher.

Verdict – Overall, Pyaar Prema Kadhal is fairly tolerable, not tedious yet nothing significant. The film works well with teenagers and corner seat audience.

My Rating – 2.5/5 | Grade – C+ (It Deserves Your Attention for a While!)
An Instant Movie Review by Nirmal Raj aka AK (@Nirmalraj2911)
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