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Magalir Mattum – Movie Review

Verdict: ‘Joyous and An Emotional Reunion.’

Magalir Mattum follows the story of three middle-aged women who were separated during their school days and reunite after 38 years. The movie has Jyothika, Urvashi, Banu, and Saranya Ponvannan in the lead.

Prabhavathy (Jyothika), a tomboy, stays with Gomatha (Urvashi) who is her mother-in-law to be and carries her documentary works. She introduces her to Social Network and helps in finding her school friends. They eventually end up finding them. 

Seeing them entangled in their daily life chores and pressure from their husbands and family people, Prabha decides to take them on a trip. A trip of their life, without any worries, mental stress and day-to-day chaos.

Jyothika pulls off her character with ease. She is full of energy and enthusiasm. It’s always a delight to watch the Queen of Kollywood on screen. Yesteryear actresses Urvashi, Banu and Saranya Ponvannan do their part equally well. They are sure to take all the ladies who experience similar turmoil in their life, a ride down their memory lane, to their school days. 

Director Bramma has tried to explore a completely different journal after his previous flick “Kuttram Kadithal”. Coming up with women centric plot is very much appreciated. Though he has succeeded in the plot, there were many details missing in the script. Certain scenes and characterization could have been much better. Those would have made the movie even more engaging. 

Despite the minor flaws, the second half recovers the movie and offers lots of happy moments. The picturization of the scenic locals and the childish acts of the three ladies were a delight to watch. 

Keeping aside the issues with the script and how could it have been made better, Magalir Mattum is an easy watch showing how much ladies eager for a holiday from their eternal job as housewives. It's sure to give nostalgic moments to the ladies who watch the movie.

My Rating – 3/5
Grade – B (Worth a watch)
-By Nirmalraj aka AK  (@Nirmalraj2911)

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