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Kochadaiiyaan - The Legend: Movie Review

Verdict: “A New Scintillating Experience!”

Kochadaiiyaan, the most awaited movie released yesterday amid much fanfare. Having India’s biggest “Superstar” Rajnikanth enacting the triple roles and being India’s first movie using motion capture technology the expectations were sky-high. Have it lived up to everyone’s expectation?

Rajnikanth enacts triple role as Kochadaiiyaan, Rana and Sena. The plot is simple and deals with jealousy, betrayal and rivalry between two kingdoms. K.S.Ravikumar’s paperwork is truly impressive and keeps us engaged throughout the film. Being an historic film, dialogues were written according to that period.

The efforts of director Soundarya R. Ashwin stands tall in the film. Her immense hard work can be seen on the big screen. Her creative vision has been brought on the screen with her untiring efforts and hard labour.

The Motion Capture technology used to capture the actors action and succeeds in it but not their emotions. Animations were dull and gloomy in many places and were just average overall.

But that were not even a problem as they were brought with a minimal budget and less duration used for production works. This is just a one step by Soundarya, one giant leap by Indian Cinema Industry. Soundarya deserves a standing ovation for taking a path never taken in Indian Cinema yet.

Rajnikanth, the name is enough to make his fans go crazy. And this time seeing their matinee idol in never before seen Avatar makes them much excited. His mere screen presence is enough to keep the audience intact till the end. His chemistry, power packed and fiery punch dialogues and trademark style were such a delight on screen.

Deepika Padukone looks beautiful and impresses us with her expressions that too in animation. Nasser gets much screen time and does his part well. Jackie Shroff, Adi, Rukmini and Shobana have given their full efforts to make their characters perfect. Thanks to Soundarya for bringing the legendary comedian Nagesh back on screen and a big round of applause for the person who voiced him. It was just perfect.

A.R.Rahman’s background score is the main backbone of the movie. It was “Mozart of Madras” who steals the show with his amazing background music and ear pleasing songs. Especially during the fight scenes, the background score were magnificent.

Ultimately, Kochadaiiyaan will surely impress you and give you a whole new experience. It definitely full fills your four year wait and expectations if you really don’t bother about the average animation. But all the negatives were overshadowed by Rajnikanth and he surely keeps you entertained. Rajnikanth-the name and fame has gone even higher.

My Rating - 3.5/5 | Grade - B+ (A perfect weekend pick)
-By Nirmalraj aka AK (@Nirmalraj2911) | Website's Twitter Handle - @JustMovieFreaks

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Wait, the movie was good. Story was stretched at the second part. and I don't get why Indian people overrate Rajni everytime. Is he charming, attractive, popular, rich, consistent like SRK?? Rajni flick, Rajni flick!!? What's so great in that.. remember what happened to BABA and KUSELAN. While the remake of his KUSELAN SRK atleast pulled it to average semi-hit status. Anybody has answer for this? Btw, KM a good review again.