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96 - Honest Movie Review

When was the last time you cried during a movie? I cried while watching 'Saamy Square' because my 165 rupees got wasted. Jokes apart! When did you actually cry because of the movies content and the acting performances from the lead cast? If not, '96 will make you cry.

Verdict - “An Unadulterated Love Story!

Starring Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha Krishnan in lead roles, 96 is a soulful story of two lost souls, Ram and Jaanu who studied together in school, part away without a goodbye due to unforeseen circumstances. What happens when they reunite after 22 years for their school reunion party forms the story. 

Director Prem Kumar deserves appreciation for such a beautiful story which didn’t rush and took time to settle. Certain scenes are long enough to create an impact as the director Kumar gives ample time for us to dissolve into it. 

Vijay Sethupathi is very natural with his acting skills and has given a subtle yet powerful performance. He expresses love, shyness, and sorrow through his body language, mannerism, and proves that he is the best actor in the business. Trisha Krishnan is sure to impress everyone with her eyes and expressions and has given a very strong, deep, and unforgettable performance. Forget Jessie, Jaanu will be remembered for a very long time. 

Aadithya Baaskar and Gouri G Kishan, who appear as Younger Ram and Jaanu respectively, were perfectly cast, excellent with their performances and did justice to their roles in a magnificent way. 

Cinematography and music were the other two intriguing aspects of this film. Shanmuga Sundaram’s frames were not conventional and have managed to capture the details and emotions in depth. Govind Menon had created magic with his music, which was the backbone for the movie. He has helped create a much-needed impact which the director would have wanted through his poignant music, evoking strong emotions.

Finally, I would dare to say that '96 is a movie without a flaw, right from the introduction till the very end. The film is sure to take you on a trip down memory lane, a journey of a lifetime, sure to stir your soul and make a lasting impression. Don’t miss this gem!

 My Rating – 4.5/5 | Grade – A+ (Don’t Dare to Miss It!)
-An Honest Movie Review by Nirmal Raj aka AK (@Nirmalraj2911)
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