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Karenjit Kaur S2 Review: Heart-Warming! Emotional!

Starring – Sunny Leone
Director – Aditya Datt
Genre – Biopic/Drama
Streaming Platform – ZEE5 


S1 received a great response from the audience and I didn’t think that they’ll come up with a season two, since the former displayed brief details about the early childhood of Karenjit Kaur, her school days, becoming  the Penthouse Pet of the Year, her family’s reaction when they got to know what she is doing and tasting success in her field. So, when they announced season two, I guessed it will explore her early career, entry into Bigg Boss house and eventually becoming a Bollywood actress.

Well, I'm wrong. The series begins right where the season one ends, Sunny Leone on an interview with Journalist Anupam Chaubey (Raj Arjun). This six-episode series, with a total runtime less than 140 minutes, isn’t completely about Sunny Leone or her career in the Porn Industry. But the series takes a diversion and slowly, subtly settles on her mother, her alcohol problem and how it affects her.


So when you make a biopic, you not only concentrate on the person whom you’re making one about. Instead of including their family and their lives is appreciable. Writer Karan Srikanth Sharma has focused on Karen’s mother and in what ways her alcohol addiction causes worry to her family. But the writing doesn’t only focus on her mother but it is balanced between her mother and her personal life. I said the season one to be oscillating between different phases of Sunny’s life, even this one does but not like its former and comfortably settles at one point.

Director Aditya Datt once again does justice to the writing by bringing out the best from the actors and making them do what the script needed especially the portrayal of the strained relationship between Sunny and her mother. Grusha Kapoor did her role exceptionally well as the alcoholic mother and Sunny Leone made sure she projected herself well as herself.


On the whole, Karenjit Kaur-The Untold Story of Sunny Leone season two is more about her family, specifically her mother. The series is heart-warming, touching, sentimental, and an easy one to watch in one go.

-A Just Stream Editorial by Nirmal Raj aka AK (@Nirmalraj2911)
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