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Singham Returns - Movie Review

Verdict - "Promises and delivers. Singham Returns is a good time."

Let it be a cheesy juvenile action-comedy, I found myself sitting in a theatre surrounded by normal moviegoers going bananas for every mass scene and that's where director Rohit Shetty get along with the audience well. Is this his one and only intention?

The story unfolds in an identical way. A honest cop set to track down a felonious gang, will he prevail successfully in a guiltless society?

Now! Going into this movie, I knew it'l turn into a generic hackneyed cat and mouse story. Did I get that? Absolutely not! I was completely astonished by the story and screenplay of the movie. I'm completely not backing up the plot of the movie, but it got me intrigued, there was never a tedious moment in the movie where I felt like taking a break. And that maybe the biggest compliment I can give to this movie.

On the other way around, arguing about the negatives, they were plenty of them, but in detail I felt the comedic element is been forced to a great extent where it felt annoying to watch. Don't get me wrong, this is such a polarizing dispute. But I felt it could be better if it's limited to one or two wholesome scenes.

As I said earlier, this movie will create a rift in the audience members, if you don't love that cheesiness in a movie then you might end up hating this movie which will be consoled by every commercial element bordering on the dialogue, over-the-top action sequences and the background score.

Not that he makes generic movies, I really admired Rohit Shetty's work here, he knows his substance well and pretty much a mastermind in grabbing the box office collections. In regard to this movie, he took more care about the story, the audacity that was created in few scenes were certainly the significant elements for this success and I also like the fact that he didn't really follow that customary approach of fitting in a song for every 15 minutes.

Ajay Devgn is the real deal here, his on-screen charisma and the way he carried out his character throughout the movie was remarkable as he completely got over with his fans through dialogues like "Aata Majhi Satakli". The engaging factor?

To conclude, I'm genuinely surprised with Singham Returns, may be because my expectations were dead low. I never thought that I would give this movie a fairly positive review. Is it a flawless movie? Definitely not! But it lives up to it's expectations and gives delivers what it needs to. I'm going fresh with this movie, three out of five stars for this flick from Rohit Shetty and team.

My Rating - 3/5
Grade - B (Worth a watch!)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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