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Saala Khadoos / Irudhi Suttru - Movie Review

Verdict - "Bolstered with terrific performances, Saala Khadoos is an entertaining one-time watch."

Adi Tomar (R. Madhavan) is a former boxer and now works as a head coach for the women boxing division in Delhi. Infuriated with the wrong evaluation that he received from the head management, Adi gets transferred to Chennai where the situation of women's boxing is at the lowest level. 

Thwarted by his current state, Adi starts filtering out incompetent boxers in hopes to find a fresh new talent. He then comes across a fish monger, Ezhil Madhie (Ritika Singh) and immediately notices the ability she has insider her. Adi then offers help to Ritika in training and prepares her as the next big thing.

Even though with a tried and an outmoded storyline that we've seen before, writer-director Sudha Kongara kept the movie engaging with her sharply paced script that had no dull moments throughout the runtime, she established memorable characters on a dime and didn't make the film seem long. Unlike other directors, she's managed to integrate the likable comedic sequences along with the storyline which didn't feel forced and enthralled me with an entertaining flick.

Performances: As Adi quotes Madhie as a "born champion" in the film, Ritika is a born talent for the Indian Film Industry. Pursuing her life goal to become a boxer, the debutant stunned me with her tremendous acting skills. She portrayed her pompous arrogant character with ease and stole the show in every emotional scene. Her chemistry with Madhavan worked out really well, who was also remarkable in his role as a brash, brutal and a smug coach.

Overall, although Saala Khadoos fails to present something new as a story, but the impressive screenplay and direction by Sudha Kongara backed up by some brilliant performances from the leads kept the film in a safe place without being a bummer. Interestingly, it also exposes the dark side of politics that are taking place in sports and enlightened the idea of "a powerful woman" brilliantly.

My Rating - 3.25/5
Grade - B (Entertaining! With noticeable flaws)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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