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Mary Kom - Movie Review

Verdict - "Typical yet an inspiring biopic!"

As I specified this for the thirteenth time by now, this year from tip to toe belongs to women-centric movies. They're just getting better and better every single time, the best part about this ascendancy is that, there is some inspiring message conveyed on every occasion. Well! they're many more to come and I'm totally delighted that they're getting the seamless attention and appreciation they deserve.

What more can you expect from a biopic? A stirring tale filled with struggle, emotion and passion? That's exactly what you get from Mary Kom, nothing more or less. But, what's noticeable about the movie? That depends on your approach about the movie and the way you get along with the storyline.

Screenwriter Saiwyn Quadras role is significant here, it all depends on how he appends all the little details in the movie with the significant ones. The screenplay is quick on the mark as it didn't really waste much time exploring a single detail like the other movie did last year. *wink*

But it's a bit typical, you can effortlessly summarize and expect what the movie is going for. I'm not criticizing it, but it's a bit traditional that biopics are only told that way. The movie do have few imposing moments scattered all over it, but in the end the finale is always the same. And that's how this genre operates, deal with it!

But on a serious note, I appreciate and could connect to the real-life character of Mary Kom while watching the movie. Watching her go through all these appalling situations in life made me ruminate and I was completely dumbfounded. Also the credit goes to Priyanka Chopra and director Omung Kumar for putting me in that condition throughout the whole movie.

Also there's a lot of criticism surrounding with the fact that the movie is enclosed with many unknown/new actors except for Priyanka. In my opinion, it was a great move, considering the main attraction of the movie was only Mary Kom, did I mind watching other characters being played by new actors? No! Would I like to see a prominent actor play that role? Sure, why not. But what they actually did with the casting choices was completely understandable.

Now the big question is that will Priyanka be honored for what she had done in this movie? And my answer will probably be yes, as this is one of the best performances of the year and also from her career. She was totally astonishing throughout the movie and with all the anticipation, I concur that this is the perfect movie that she should be rewarded for her hard work and determination.

Nevertheless, Mary Kom (Movie) is an imposing biopic told in a precise and in a superior way. The screenplay is not indolent and the direction is incisive to some extent. The movie doesn't deliver something contemporary, but it's a vital movie which I recommend everybody to watch.

My Rating - 3.5/5 | Grade - B+ 
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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