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Kill Dil - Movie Review

Verdict - "Kill Dil leaves you with nothing but distress".

To begin with the plot of the movie, Dev (Ranveer) and Tutu (Ali Zafar) were two orphan kids watched over by the gangster Bhaiyaji (Govinda) in a brutish atmosphere where guns and weapons were respected more than the books and education.

While invigorating their lives as professional shooters, Dev encounters Disha, a fizzy and a gracious individual and in the long run, they obviously fall in love with each other. Eventually, Bhaiyaji learns about their relationship and completely gets offended, leaving Dev with an unsure path to chose between Kill or Dil.

Honestly, this is a blunt storyline which we've seen many times before. It's nothing new or refreshing, but the potential to turn into a stimulating storyline was always available. The narration of the movie is like a journey of a particular individual from his childhood and they can indisputably tell a great story within these boundaries.

But, the screenplay of the movie was all over the place for the most part, it doesn't conclude a scene well, it doesn't take time nourish and moreover it was arduous to watch these random scenes pop-up without a definite meaning. And just to cheer you guys up, the film does hits well on all it's comedic scenes which is the cheif redeeming factor of the movie and the only component which I enjoyed the most.

Talking about potential, I'm actually impressed with few distinct scenes in the movie, mainly the climax with Zafar, Ranveer and Parineeti, it was actually one of the few interesting takes I've seen in a while and I also comprehended that director Shaad Ali has the ability to gyrate the movie into an exciting one.

Technically, I loved Aveek Mukhopadhyay's cinematography in the movie, they were a wide range of lights used in the movie and he did a remarkable job in capturing them efficiently, but is it something which defies the tone of the movie? No! The music (except for the title song) in the movie didn't astonish me to any extent and they're rather forgettable than intolerable.

I do love the casting of this movie, Zafar and Ranveer enthralled me with their chemistry and the brotherhood between each other, but as I stated earlier, the film didn't take time to develop and therefore the characters are a bit stale. The romantic love angle between Ranveer and Parineeti was the most generic thing I've seen in a while.

With that being said, there's nothing wrong with their performances, it was decent along with Govinda's swag. But it didn't really fit well with the movie.

On the whole, I'm not disappointed with Kill Dil because I went with zero expectations and I'm completely fine to watch a bad movie. This movie should've never been made, there's no new element attached it and I completely don't recommend you to go watch it. If you're still interested to watch it for the comedic aspect or for few interesting shots, go with a very low expectation.

My Rating - 1.5/5
Grade - D+ (A hangover!)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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