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Finding Fanny - Movie Review

Verdict - "A Gratifying Play Which Is Neoteric, Candid and Totally Likable."

Now! How often do we catch up with movies like Finding Fanny that are very distinct in their method and approach? It's pretty occasional right? Consequently, I recognize the value of the movie and before I get into furthermore details, I'm thankful for Homi Adajania amd Dinesh Vijan for making an unique attempt.

Deep inside the interiors of Goa, the story kicks off with five insipid characters existing in a corroded inert village that nobody knew or ever talked about. After finding a reason to depart from their monotonous lives, the quintet takes on a road-trip to discover Stephanie Fernandes (Naseerudin Shah's long lost love) with various other reasons involved with it.

When you prolong the movie with only five characters in it, the screenplay has to be superior to every single extent and for Finding Fanny it actually worked for the most part. To wrap up the storyline with significant character development and imperative scenes in a shattered road-trip, there has to be some hard work behind it and in that case the duo Homi Adajania and Kesri Khanbatta had done a decent job and brought the engaging component to the movie.

The humour was very casual and insouciant throughout the movie, they didn't toss the witty one-liners on our face, but it was hysterical in the way the scene was decked and delivered with facial expressions and the gestures encircling the environment.

On the other side, even though I appreciate the movie for being unique, I cannot skip the fact that the movie was tad slow in few sequences which are rather important, the direction of the movie was a bit vague, but it's just a minor complaint as per my perspective.

The performances by every single lead were perceptibly phenomenal in the movie, but I want to shift my direction to Naseerudin Shah for a moment here, the man has been wearisome in many of his recent movies, but this is a comeback role for him, he's been used extremely well as the main lead of the movie and I'm happy for him. Dimple Kapadia and Pankaj Kapur were diverting in their roles and that's the best part of the movie, the characters were real and phlegmatic and we start to like them instantly.

To conclude in a generic way, Finding Fanny is a bit of relief from the cheesy-action blockbusters we usually get from Bollywood. It's fresh, light hearted and totally laid-back in it's approach and I enjoyed it for the most part and I'm also glad that the movie didn't really compromise to any level. Definitely worth a watch!

My Rating - 3/5 | Grade - B (Worth a watch!)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal) | Website's Twitter Handle - @JustMovieFreaks

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