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Dum Lage Ke Haisha - Movie Review

Reviving the glorious days from the 90's, remember the troublesome two tape cassette recorders and the mighty VHS tapes we used? No matter how funny those things look when you compare them to the contemporary improved gadgets, we can't really regret the fact, that we still love our early days.  

Subsequent to that, Director Sharath Katariya, takes you back to the memory lane to those early days and narrates you a sublime love story with an authentic vibe which is very relatable to every person in some aspect.

With an ingenuous and a half-witted attitude, Prem (Ayushmann) marries Sandhya (Bhumi), a bold and a conceited character in an unpleasant and a timid situation where Prem is really unsure about him marrying Sandhya who was slightly unattractive with her looks. Will their married life prevail?

It's the little things that matter! Katariya's screenplay is the main aspect of the movie, all the petite laughs that he tried to deliver from the cast was amusing to watch. Keeping up with his notable work, he also made every character in the movie relatable as an real person in our daily lives and at the same time it keeps you engaged with a tender feeling and makes the movie a pleasant watch.

But the movie falls flat when it comes to the second half of the movie, things get a little grim and in the process of progressing the storyline leisurely, it felt a little convoluted with its approach and definitely missed a slightly better finale.

Following a disastrous movie (Hawaizaada) from this year, Ayushmann Khuranna's performance felt a little refreshing, he always attempts to do distinctive characters with a distant subject and I always do respect him for a choosing an alternative path. In this movie, he carried his character amazingly making him believable as a legit naïve person.

Bhumi Pednekar completely gave a staggering performance and her bold character felt appropriate to her, and I never really felt that I'm watching a newcomer in the movie.

Counting out the best aspects of the movie, Dum Lage Ke Haisha is an easy, delightful experience where you can just have a break in your busy life and watch a well-made movie and you'll end up with no regrets but with a refreshing feeling that you can take in.

My Rating - 3.25/5
Grade - B (Entertaining! With noticeable flaws)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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