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Bang Bang! - Movie Review

Verdict - "I consider this as a complete displeasure, not even a guilty movie pleasure."

Yet another disappointment? Movies with whopping amount of money turning into a debacle is quite a regular term we often listen in this modern-era. Does Bang Bang fall into that category of movies?

Without referring to any Hollywood movie, here's the plot of the movie! In an illusory world, Hrithik Roshan is in pursuit for thieving something unusual and impractical. What's the whole reason behind nicking a precious item unfolds the storyline of the movie.

In detail! This movie completely has no substance under it, ofcourse, there is a specific plot to prolong and make it interesting. But the movie doesn't really make an effort to do that, inept things happen in the most generic way possible. Bullets start to fly and every conceivable thing will eventually blow, and that encloses my major complaint about the movie.

Yes! I do expect few enthralling, well chorepgraphed action scenes, but I also bother about the reason behind it and the movie neglects something which is significant and necessary for an action movie.

Also the nonsensical characters is also one the major drawback of the movie. Katrina's character felt a little cartoony and completely tainted the vibe of the movie, I also felt that and incredible antagonist was lacking in the movie. And moreover, it was really absurd to see an intelligent character like Hrithik Roshan fall into few tranquil traps.

Should we blame the screenwriters Sujoy Ghosh and Suresh Nair for everything happened? Completely not! I do understand that there is some pressure behind them, but depending on the original material, there's lot more they can do with the plot of the movie and all we got is an enormous action scene for every ten minutes.

However I do appreciate the attempt by the film-maker Siddharth Anand, the movie was gorgeous to gaze at, they were few well shot and choreographed action sequences worth watching and I do understand the hardowork the entire crew deposited to make it work. But there should be a splendid pay-off and I don't think the movie will recieve nothing but hate from people.

About the technical aspects of the movie, the song Meherbaan was gorgeously shot as well as the entire movie, props to cinematographers Ben Jasper , Sunil Patel & Vikas Sivaraman! I do a small concern about the CGI in the movie, but it was tolerable. Music directors, Vishal-Shekhar did an unique job regarding the songs of the movie which were quite easy on the ear.

Hrithik Roshan was vibrant and fits the character well. He has the charisma and the dynamic build-up to attract the viewers and I enjoyed watching him in the movie. Katrina Kaif was a total eye-candy in the movie, she was appealing and let's keep it that way because her acting was not up to the mark, and the movie hassled on her shoulders for the most part.

On the whole, Bang Bang! was a complete displeasure, it's definitely the kind of movie where you can just rent it on a rainy day and watch without keeping much of attention. A little more effort on the screenplay could've definitely helped the movie, but nevertheless it's a misused opportunity which will hurt the box office of the movie. Not my strong recommendation!

My Rating - 2/5
Grade - C (Meh! Probably a rental)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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