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A Flying Jatt - Movie Review

Verdict - "The long wait for a decent Indian Superhero film continues!"

In this modern neoteric era of movies, producing a Superhero film is the most effective decision that a producer can ever take. They're immensely popular and beneficial and in the past few years, we've been presented with more lacklustre Bollywood Superhero films like Krrish 3, Ra. One and the highly unforgiving Mr. X. So, after watching the trailers and promos of A Flying Jatt, I lowered my expectations down and thought that my hopes of watching a solid Indian Superhero film were still far-flung. But! Am I wrong?

In plans of extending his factory area, Malhotra, (Kay Kay Menon) an immoral businessman encounters Aman (Tiger Shroff) and his mum (Amrita Singh) and proposes to buy their property for a good amount. Familiar with his factory toxic pollution Aman's mum rejects Malhotra's offer and warns him not to return back to her premises. Annoyed with the situation, Malhotra warns Aman to look out for his mum which results in him being concerned about his mum's safety and craving for god's help. So, will god acknowledge his prayers by gifting him with super powers? 

Co-written and directed by Remo D'Souza, this film had a genuine primitive vibe surrounded around it. The story of a small town underdog gifted with superpowers overcoming all the odds can easily be titivated and narrated in a splendid way. Instead, we get a storyline that was clumsy, poorly edited and lazily written. The characters look phony and resemble stupidity, the narrative cuts from an inferior emotional scene to our villain screaming his lungs out. Moreover, the sad part is that it tries to recount too many things at the same time from being an action movie to a love story to a film that explains the proud Sikh heritage and to a film that conveys us with an ecological message combined with an intense quote from our very own director.

But even though the film doesn't deliver on a narrative standpoint, it could still be enjoyable if it distracts us on the aspects of action, comedy and music. Although few scenes in the film were genuinely amusing, the action sequences were flat-out boring, blasting out the streets of a small town, throwing out few ridiculous punches with an abundant amount of slow motion doesn't make the film look interesting. Furthermore, the CGI presentation was substandard for the most part and I completely comprehend that it's a budget issue, but they're few limited aspects that would've been easily controllable.

Nevertheless, A Flying Jatt is overall a disappointing film with a clumsy storyline, sluggish narration and sub-par performances. What would've easily been an earnest heartfelt film turned into a plethoric mess with a philosophical message which is not even conveyed appropriately. We deserve a better Superhero film than this!

My Rating - 1.5/5
Grade - D+ (A hangover!)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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