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Shaadi Ke Side Effects - Movie Review

Verdict - “Promising and Entertaining! Farhan and Vidya's Performances Are Not to be Missed”.

Two of my favourites, Farhan and Vidya in a unique comedy, obviously my expectations were pretty high. I awaited for few good laughs and a heartfelt storyline, did it bestow me what I waited for? Or did it fall into the generic romantic-comedy category?

Siddharth and Trisha (Farhan & Vidya) are a delighted married couple who always take a crack at something unusual to uphold their happy married life. One day, Trisha reveals that she is pregnant and expresses that she is ready to have a child. With a cynical impression on having a child, Siddhrath requests Trisha, that they still need time to settle in their careers. Agreeing with the situation, Trisha prepares to undergo the medical process. Meanwhile Siddharth finds a reason to abort the operation after experiencing something important.

Eventually, Trisha gives birth to a baby girl (Mili) and the usual teeting troubles intiate between the couple, how did they prevail over these situations, narrates the further part of the movie.

Saketh Chaudhary (writer and director) jotted a well based storyline with a perfect mental picture about his objective. Attempting to convey a message, Saketh's writing was amusing and compelling for the most part, even though few excusable flaws originated in the transition.

The first half was perfectly paced with hilarious moments, the illustrative style of unfolding a practical joke was imposing and fresh. The post-marriage circumstances are really well shown in a pragmatic style. Entertained!

The second half whirls to the other side, it efforts to go across few dramatic segments where we actually start to care about these individuals and their opinions and that's the point where it got miscarried by including few unwanted scenes. The whole segment of Siddharth starting a whole new life style was underwhelming and less compassionate. Although it delivered the central message considerably, it could've been great if it's trimmed flawlessly.

Was awestricken with the cinematography, it was really well managed with all the glittering lights used and the technical department supported it properly with shimmering interiors and costume designs.

Farhan and Vidya are certainly the soul of the movie, their comical timing was seamless and are absolutely believable as a married couple. The unsullied character played by Farhan reflects a different shade from what he's done before, as he impersonates it with perfection. The irresistible allure that Vidya's brought to her character was remarkable.

On the whole, did it reach my towering expectations? Not really! Did I enjoy it for the most part? Absolutely! SKSE is a promising movie which produced something we really expect and will absolutely tickle the audience of every class. An enjoyable watch!

My Rating - 3.25/5
Grade - B (Entertaining with noticeable flaws!)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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