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Insurgent - Movie Review

Verdict - "A prototype of boredom."

After the ruins of Chicago, Insurgent follows all the ace adventures of Tris (Shailene Woodley) along with Four (Theo James) as they shoot the works of all the inexplicable things that took place in the prequel.

Although the movie is just a prototype of boredom, I'll start with few positive aspects. To my surprise, the action few sequences were filmed remarkably with the proper expertise and no shaky-cam, as a result, they're entertaining to watch and made the movie tolerable. Also the cinematography and the set design made the movie look authentic in consideration of the dystopian vibe.

Regardless, here's the big question, why is this movie two hours long? The answer is undeniable, it's because the story has been adapted from a book and it has to follow everything which was written. 

But in my exploration, I did hear that few scenes in the movie were not written in the book by any means. It was a dire compilation of tedious scenes of nothingness, terrible dialogues, characters moving from one place to another as well as the pointless sub-plots with no proper description.

In addition, this is a three-dimensional movie and my major complaint is that when you're making the viewer wear a pair of glasses to watch a movie, the special effects should be astounding and enthralling. But this movie partially fails in the use of VFX and in few particular scenes we can clearly recognize that a green screen have been used.

Shailene Woodley is a stand out believable character in the movie, we can notice the anguish and the guilt she's going through in her eyes and Woodley gives a credible performance that fits the tone of the movie flawlessly. 

Two great talents, Kate Winslet, and Miles Teller were wasted in their roles from top to bottom due to silly dialogue and the complete absence of character development.

Nevertheless, Insurgent is watchable to a certain extent, but it suffers to reach the standard of a fascinating sequel for Divergent and fails in building up the next one (Allegiant). If you're not a fan of the books or if you're not aware of the movie series, I would suggest you to skip this movie.

My Rating - 2/5 
Grade - C (Meh! Probably a rental)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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