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Throwback Thursday: Unnai Pol Oruvan [Review]

Verdict - "Fantastic!" | Rating - 5/5

Unnai Pol Oruvan (2009) is one of those films where once you’re done watching it, you’ll prolly sit up and wonder out aloud why there aren’t more films like this? A police commissioner gets an anonymous phone call from a caller who claims to have planted many bombs around a city. In exchange for information about the bombs, he demands four high-level militants to be released from custody. The entire film rests on the heavy dialogues between Kamal Hassan and Mohanlal and it was very interesting to see how there was an equal power to both their words. No one had the drop on the other and it felt like a fast-paced tennis match.

The theme of the movie is to explore the common man’s angst. There’s a lot of truth in the intellectual battle between the two, and much of it has to do with how numb society has become towards extreme crimes. Kamal Hassan’s monologue towards the end of the film is bone-chilling and it deserves a standing ovation. Performance-wise, Mohanlal was excellent in his role as the commissioner. His aura was powerful and there was never any doubt on his capabilities as a lawman. Kamal Hassan has a huge role and he hit it out of the Ballpark. There are alot of clever dialogues from him that he pulls off with ease. The film talks about harsh realities that are happening all across the world but what it takes a stand for are the harsher penalties that should be employed as solutions. Fighting fire with Fire. As a concept, while it may not be ethically or morally feasible in reality, works well in this film. Just like the audience that was seated around me, I found myself reflecting and deep in thought.

-An Editorial by Siddharthen R (@cheeeekyponnama)
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